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Why LogMX is called "The universal log viewer"?
Because since 2005, LogMX is the only log viewer that does not just read your logs, but:
  • parses it using the log format you described. LogMX then understands and interprets each piece of information in your logs, to offer powerful and precise analysis functions (e.g. filtering, search, correlation, merge, ...)

  • reads logs anywhere they are, using built-in plugins (FTP/FTPS/SFTP/SCP/HTTP/Socket/...) or your own plugins (e.g. proprietary database, network listener, ...) (these plugins are called "LogManagers")
Can I use the evaluation version for commercial purpose?
Yes but only for 30 days. After the 30-days trial period, you shall purchase a Professional license to use LogMX for commercial purpose.
Where can I get updates for my professional version?
Professional version comes with one year of free updates for a basic license, and 2 years for a premium license. To get it, click here.
Do you give software resellers a discount?
Yes. Please contact sales@logmx.com.
What do I need to run LogMX?
Only Java (LogMX works on all Operating Systems that support Java, so it is almost all OS's).
See pre-requisites here (read tooltips on Installation types).
Do you offer discounts for license renewal?
Yes. Please contact sales@logmx.com.

If you have any question, please visit our support page.
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