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LogMX comes in two versions: a free Evaluation version and a Professional version.
The free Evaluation version is not limited in time, but some features are disabled (see below). If you need to evaluate some of these disabled features for a limited time, please let us know.

Choose the version and the installation type you need:

No administrator rights required (private local Java installation).
Works with Windows 7 and later (up to Windows 11).
Works with 32 bits and 64 bits Windows & Java versions.
Updates an existing LogMX version.
Provides an uninstaller integrated to Windows Control Panel.
No administrator rights required.
Works with Windows 7 and later (up to Windows 11).
Works with 32 bits and 64 bits Windows & Java versions.
Updates an existing LogMX version.
Provides an uninstaller integrated to Windows Control Panel.
No administrator rights required.
Works with Windows 7 and later (up to Windows 11).
Works with 32 bits and 64 bits Windows & Java versions.
Does not update an existing LogMX version (but replaces it).
Does not provide any uninstaller: unziped directory has to be manually removed.
No administrator rights required.
Works with macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) and later (up to macOS 12 "Monterey").
Works with 64 bits macOS & Java versions only (32 bits not supported).
Does not update an existing LogMX version (but replaces it).
Does not provide any uninstaller: unziped directory has to be manually removed.
No administrator rights required.
Works with all Linux/UNIX systems supporting Java.
Works with 32 bits and 64 bits Linux/UNIX & Java versions.
Does not update an existing LogMX version (but replaces it).
Does not provide any uninstaller: unziped directory has to be manually removed.
Operating System
Installation type Installer, with
Java included
Installer ZIP file DMG file TGZ file

(77 MB)

(8 MB)

(8 MB)

(9 MB)

(8 MB)
Evaluation version
Professional version
• 100 MB disk space
• 512 MB of RAM
• Java 8 or later
• 10 MB disk space
• 512 MB of RAM
• Not sure which Windows version to choose? Download Installer with Java included.
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• Looking for LogMX uninstall procedure? Read our Uninstall procedure page.
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Here are the features included in Evaluation and Professional versions:

Accessing logs Evaluation
Professional version
(Basic & Premium licenses)
Local file/directory managers    
SFTP file/directory managers    
FTP file/directory managers    
FTPS file/directory managers    
SCP file manager    
Elasticsearch manager    
TCP/UDP Socket managers (raw text, or Log4j/Logback SocketAppender)    
Serial Port manager    
SMB/CIFS file/directory manager    
HTTP/HTTPS file manager    
HTTP/HTTPS web server manager    
User-defined managers    
Parsing logs    
Log4j XML/JSON/HTML parsers    
Java Logging XML/Text parsers    
Eclipse RCP / Syslog / LogFactor5 parsers    
User-defined Regular Expression parsers    
User-defined JSON parsers    
User-defined Log4j v1/v2 pattern parsers    
User-defined Logback pattern parsers    
User-defined parsers (Java class plugin)    
User-defined simple parsers (graphical editor)    
Support parsing of compressed logs (zip/gzip/tar/bz2/lzma/xz)    
Analyzing logs    
Filtering (several criteria, logical conjunctions)    
Sorting (several criteria)    
Calendar filtering    
Timeline view    
Elapsed time computation    
GotoSource feature (Eclipse/VSCode/IntelliJ/NetBeans integration)    
Regular expression search    
Correlation module    
Monitoring logs    
Auto-refresh on single files    
Auto-refresh on merged files/directories    
Tail on single files    
Tail on merged files/directories    
Alerts / Notifications    
Alerts sending specific log entry fields by email or to application    
Miscellaneous features    
File flush / deletion    
File merge    
Bookmarks / Workspaces    
Import / Export preferences    
SFTP/FTP/FTPS file browser    
SFTP sudo/su (user substitution)    
SFTP Jump Host (ssh proxy relay)    
Export logs (to CSV, HTML, XML, JSON, new tab)    
External programs integration    
Console mode file export (no GUI)    
Console mode file monitoring/alerts (no GUI)    
  Feature available
Limited feature (see tooltip)
Feature not available

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v8.x versions
v8.2.0 (Jan 19, 2022)
New Features:
•  The "Find" feature now provides the option "match whole word" to find only entire "words"

•  The IDE plugin "LogMX GotoSource" now supports IntelliJ 2020+
v8.1.0 (Feb 16, 2021)
New Features:
•  Now supporting Log4j v2.11+ JSON format ("compacted" or not, "complete" or not)
•  Now providing a VSCode extension for the "Goto Source" feature (i.e. for each Java stack trace included in the displayed logs, provides code preview in a tooltip, and opens IDE when a stack trace line is clicked)

•  Now supporting Log4j JSON exceptions and stack traces
v8.0.0 (November 16, 2020)
New Features:
•  New LogParser "JSON Logs", in order to parse any JSON logs: can extract nested JSON objects and array elements, and process streamed JSON fragments (i.e. the whole log file/stream doesn't have to be a valid JSON object/array)
•  New LogManager "Elasticsearch", in order to read logs from Elasticsearch (BETA)
•  New LogManager "SerialComm", in order to receive logs from serial ports (e.g. "COM1", "ttyS0", "/dev/ttyS0", ...)
•  For "Distribution" and "Activity" statistics feature, can now use the value of any user-defined field(s) as numeric value instead of the number of log entries
•  For "Activity" statistics feature: can now pick the aggregate time period (from second to month), can now choose between "sum" and "avg" for aggregate function, and can now customize the date format for x-axis

•  Improved the style of the dialog "New Log Parser"
•  Improved Statistics charts rendering for both distribution/activity charts
•  [API] New method LogFileParser.init() added to the API to allow LogMX users to write Unit Tests for the Parsers they built (see https://logmx.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6708#p6708)

•  Regex Parsers didn't handle date formats like "S", "SS", or "SSS" correctly (i.e. handling dates using only epoch time in milliseconds)
•  Now preventing multiple error messages to show up too quickly when new log entries brought by AutoRefresh cause some Timeline/Filtering issues
•  Fixed some issues in the API documentation text layout
v7.x versions
v7.12.0 (March 26, 2020)
•  When more than 4 filters are used, now using scroll bars to display these filters, to limit the height of the filters panel
•  When the export of some LogMX options succeeded (parsers/levels/bookmarks/...), now offering to open the exported file location in the native file explorer
•  When updating LogMX Pro from within the app, now giving more accurate error messages if the download process failed (license expired, invalid client ID, ...)

•  In the "Open logs" dialog, if a Log Parser was picked in the tab "Parser", then another tab was visited, and then the "Parser" tab was visited again, the Parser selection changed (the first Parser in the list was selected instead)
v7.11.0 (March 6, 2020)
New Features:
•  Can now force a specific Log Parser to be used when loading some logs (also available for bookmarks and workspace elements)
•  Can now use %e{...} for Alerts (mail, app) and External Applications features, to include a specific log entry field in an alert email, app-trigerred alert, or external app
•  Can now avoid triggering alerts if log entry was emitted more than X sec/min/hour ago (configurable for each alert)

•  Dropped support for Windows XP
v7.10.0 (January 11, 2020)
•  [macOS] Dropped support for 32 bits for all macOS versions

•  [macOS] Fixed a compatibility issue with Java 12 and 13
v7.9.0 (January 4, 2020)
New Features:
•  Log entry details panel now underline URLs (http://, https://, file://) and clicking on these links opens the default system application (browser for HTTP[S], default app for local files)
•  Can now create new SSH key pairs directly from LogMX (RSA/ECDSA) for SFTP/SCP connections
•  Parsers can now provide a description for their user-defined fields (with basic HTML formatting supported), to be displayed in log entries table column tooltip, through new optional API method LogFileParser.getUserDefinedFieldDesription()
•  In "Entries details" panel, Parsers can now provide any String representation for log entries (with optional bold text) through new optional API method LogFileParser.getEntryStringRepresentation()
•  In "Entries details" panel, can now use any text/character as fields separator (instead of a new line by default)

•  In the "Recent log files" menu, now displaying a tooltip when the logs URL is truncated (i.e. contains [...]), to display the complete URL
•  Made more clear which Private Key formats are supported for SFTP/SCP (i.e. OpenSSH RSA, DSA, ECDSA in legacy PEM format), and now catching Private Key connection issues to provide some assistance
•  In the "File info" window, now displaying the Log Parser used by a merged view if all the merged logs use the same Parser
•  Added a document explaining how to use SSH key pairs with LogMX
•  Improved internal logging

•  Fixed a race condition that could appear when multiple files were opened in a merged view in AutoRefresh with a substantial throughput (on rare occasion the UI could become unresponsive)
•  When a merged view of multiple logs was opened in AutoRefresh mode through a Bookmark, turning off AutoRefresh did not actually turn it off (looked off in the UI but was actually still ON)
•  The Stats options window could have its "OK" button disabled in some cases where it should be enabled
•  Fixed a bug that could lead to a UI freeze when loading a merged view of several logs in Tail mode while the logs were being written
•  [macOS] The setting ADDITIONAL_CLASSPATH from the file "startup.conf" is now taken into account for macOS native app, in order to add complementary Java classes/library to the classpath (this setting was silently ignored by macOS native app launcher)
•  The "Report bug" feature was not able to upload files
•  Could not open SocketManager logs (and custom Managers of type "LiveStream") through Bookmarks in AutoRefresh mode
•  In some cases, the default value of LogManager parameters was not honored (e.g. "false" value used if param was missing, instead of using the default value "true")
v7.8.0 (May 10, 2019)
New Features:
•  New "Jump Host" feature: to get logs from an SFTP server that you cannot connect to directly (from LogMX), you can now use another "jump host" (like an SFTP proxy) to connect to first, then this "jump host" will connect to the final SFTP server for you, to fetch your logs
•  Can now use the Statistics features (Distribution+Activity) with any kind of log entry field, instead of just Emitter/Thread/Level (even user-defined fields)
•  Can now also import/export Statistics settings

•  If LogMX runs out of memory when loading multiple log files, it now doesn't try to load the remaining log files anymore (see forum)
•  In the window to pick a local log file to open, now providing 2 new file filters (for "*.log" files, and for compressed files), and now supporting any custom filter (e.g. "*.mylog") entered in the file name text field
•  [Security] Now signing all Windows installers and binaries (DLLs + EXEs) using both SHA-256 and SHA-1 (instead of just SHA-1)

•  When an empty log file was opened in AutoRefreh mode, the AutoRefresh feature seemed ON but was actually automatically turned OFF and needed to be manually restarted once the log file was populated (now keeping it ON, and the log entries are automatically showing up when available)
v7.7.0 (April 15, 2019)
New Features:
•  Can now display only a range of log entries, this range being defined by the first and last selected entries (right-click on the log entries table, menu item "Filter entries" > "Display only this entries range") (see forum)
•  New option to change the log entries table font (useful to use a Monospaced font for example for logs relying on characters alignment) (see forum)
•  New option to choose whether or not to draw the log entries table cells borders (see forum)

•  In Bookmarks window, now displaying a tooltip if the bookmark name or bookmark URL doesn't fit in its cell
•  Added items "Maximize/Restore entry details panel" in menu "Window" (with keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+M), which have the same effect than the already existing double-click on Entry details panel toolbar (see forum)
•  Can now clear Correlation results through new button in Correlation dialog (see forum)
v7.6.0 (March 6, 2019)
New Features:
•  Can now save and load Profiles for log entries table columns

•  When LogMX runs out of available memory, now providing a better feedback: text in memory panel tooltip explaining what to do ; when memory usage is greater than 90% now using blinking red/black colors for memory panel (non-blinking red if 70%-90%) ; for investigation, now logging low memory alerts

•  Sorry, unable to update LogMX v7.5.0 to this version directly from the app, please manually download the new version (see https://logmx.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=46#p46 for help) - Fixed the in-app updater so that it will work to update LogMX v7.6.0
•  If the wrong encoding was used to open logs having some specific non-ASCII characters, the log entries table could become all white
•  When using the SocketManager (e.g. for Log4j/Logback Socket Appenders), the "Flush entries" feature didn't work while AutoRefresh was enabled
v7.5.0 (January 15, 2019)
•  In-app updater was not able to start
v7.4.0 (January 14, 2019)
New Features:
•  Can now create a Log4j/Logback Pattern Parser by simply importing your Log4j/Logback configuration file
•  Can now set the foreground color of each log level
•  Can now reset the log levels color using 3 different Themes: "Bright" (legacy), "Soft" (softer colors), or "Dark"

•  [SECURITY] Updated JSch (library to handle SFTP/SCP connections) from v0.1.53 to v0.1.55: fixed vulnerability CVS-2016-5725, bug fixes, minor new features
•  [SECURITY] Updated JCIFS (library to handle SMB connections) from v1.3.18 to v1.3.19: fixed a vulnerability in the NTLM underlying protocol
•  By default, now using softer colors for log levels (using the new "Soft" color theme)
•  Now supporting the characters "Y", "L", and "u" in Date Formats (were introduced in Java 8, but are rarely used)
•  Now displaying the Java version+arch in "About" window (more convenient for investigation, compared to the System properties window)

•  [SECURITY] Fix a vulnerability (man-in-the-middle attack) during in-app updates (now properly checking downloaded updates integrity+authenticity)
•  Console mode process didn't end in some cases, once all the tasks were completed
v7.3.0 (October 8, 2018)
•  In Parser creation dialog, when browsing for a test file to load, now also displaying hidden files
•  Slightly reduced memory footprint thanks to lazy image loading
•  Now displaying the "Export" menu item in the "File" menu as well
•  When using Socket Manager, made it more clear when a third-party JAR is missing

•  On Windows, fixed a case where the log file currently monitored in Tail mode could not be rotated by the process writing to this log file.
•  Fixed a UI bug that occurred when the "Open logs wizard" was used and its option "Custom log format" was picked: in the Parser creation dialog that was opened, the Date format field could not be used because it could never keep the focus (for all kind of Parsers)
v7.2.0 (August 6, 2018)
New Features:
•  Can now organize bookmarks in a tree instead of a flat list (now using hierarchical structure with folders)

•  Improved start time, and reduced memory footprint thanks to lazy image loading
•  Can now do more actions (search, copy, export, ...) on a tab when another tab is loading
•  Updated website URL in docs (http://www.logmx.com => https://logmx.com)
•  Now using HTTPS instead of HTTP to connect to LogMX website (check for updates, bug reports, ...)
•  [Windows installer] Now including Java 8 update 181 (instead of 8 update 60), to allow, amongst other things, the use of LogMX website SSL certificate to check for new versions
•  Added missing App Version in macOS native app metadata (only "short version" was set, not "version")

•  Fixed the "Search online" feature that didn't work properly if the searched text contained special characters
•  When a Java Class Parser was exported by a Windows machine, it couldn't be successfully be imported on a macOS/Linux machine (source and class files couldn't be extracted from the export file)
v7.1.0 (May 28, 2018)
New Features:
•  Can now search online (Google, Stack Overflow, ...) the text selected in the log entry details panel (can also add/edit/remove search engines)

•  Now providing a DMG package to install LogMX on macOS more easily (TGZ/ZIP archives still contain macOS binaries in case you prefer that)

•  When the option "Sort emitters by name" was toggled in the Emitters tree, the previously hidden emitters appeared as displayed, but their entries were actually still hidden
•  When opening some logs in AutoRefresh mode with the log level slider set on a log level more critical than all current log entries (i.e. all entries filtered out), new incoming log entries were lost until the user closed the dialog explaining why no log entries were displayed
v7.0.0 (April 16, 2018)
New Features:
•  For each text field used to enter a date format, an interactive tooltip is now displayed with quick examples of date patterns and the current date using the entered date format

•  Java 8+ is now required to run LogMX, support of Java 7 has been dropped (Java 7 doesn't receive security updates anymore since Apr 2015, and Oracle is working on Java 11). By the way, since Oracle adopted a new, faster release schedule (a major version released every 6 months), be prepared to see Java 8 dropped for LogMX shortly (sorry, we have to keep track of Java versions support to provide you with better software)
•  Adopted new versioning scheme: all public releases will now be vX.Y.0 (last digit now only used for internal builds and custom builds/patches for a single user)
•  Windows native launchers (LogMX.exe/LogMX-64.exe) can now start LogMX properly using Java 10
•  When an URL is entered in the main toolbar, now ignoring extra whitespace character(s) at the beginning/end of the URL
•  When the "Open logs" window is opened while no file is opened, now setting it up by default in the directory of the last opened file (if no "Default open directory" is set in Options)
•  When adding a Java Class LogParser or a LogManager, the class path hierarchical explorer now also handles Java 9 and Java 10, and the content of the JDK/JRE is not displayed anymore to improve performances
•  Added the HTTPServer and HTTPPServer Managers in the "Open logs wizard"
•  By default, LogMX will now use up to 1 GB of RAM (instead of 800 MB) if MAX_MEMORY is not set in "startup.conf"
•  Updated LogMX API documentation so that it uses links to Java 8 instead of Java 7
•  New logo design
•  Started to work on Java 9 compliance (fixed some code that couldn't compile against Java 9)

•  When an existing "Bookmark" or "URL" was edited, the "login" field was replaced with a previously used login starting with the Bookmark/URL login (if any) as soon as the editor was opened
•  [macOS] The macOS menu bar items didn't work anymore with Java 10 (so when ⌘+Q was used to quit LogMX, macOS killed the app without notifying LogMX, so the user preferences were not saved)
•  [macOS] LogMX couldn't start in some cases on High Sierra, if install package was downloaded from the internet, because of macOS "$ecurity" feature
•  If a Directory Manager took a long time to list the files to parse (e.g. great number of files processed by the server), switching back and forth between tabs displayed a red status message "Invalid file" until the file parsing started, for this merged file
•  Fixed Health report generation (some user preferences were not exported correctly)
v6.2.x versions
v6.2.0 (March 23, 2018)
New Features:
•  New HTTPSServerManager: Same as HTTPServerManager, but uses HTTPS instead of HTTP (get log entries by listening to HTTP POST)

•  If user chose to save Options to disk whenever Options are modified, now saving Bookmarks to disk as soon as they are modified (i.e. don't wait for LogMX to be closed to persist bookmarks)
•  If user chose to save Options to disk whenever Options are modified, now saving log levels when a new log level is found in a file (i.e. don't wait for LogMX to be closed to persist bookmarks)
•  [HTTPServerManager] Can now configure the HTTP headers to include in the returned response (through file "config/managers.properties")
•  [macOS native app launcher] Now checking the presence of important distrib files/folders before starting the JVM so that if the user moved "LogMX.app" outside of the LogMX distrib (e.g. to "/Applications"), a message is displayed explaining why LogMX cannot be run
•  Changed the default options so that the log level <NO_LEVEL> (used when a log entry doesn't have any level) has a light-soft-pink color instead of plain red

•  When searching for some text with the options "Search in all files" and "display results in new tab", some found occurrences were duplicated
•  When a parser automatically created a new found log Level, it wasn't properly persisted to options file even if LogMX was exited properly (new level was missing when LogMX was restarted)
•  When trying to open an SFTP/SCP/FTP[S] log with a login containing the "@" character, the connection could't be established because of an incorrect URL parsing (now using RFC 952 and RFC 1123 to parse hostname)
•  When no suitable Parser was found for a file included in a merge, answering "Yes" to the question "Do you want to create a Parser now?" did not open the Parser creation dialog (see forum)
•  Some links didn't work in the ChangeLog (new version announcement)
v6.1.x versions
v6.1.1 (February 21, 2018)
New Features:
•  New export type: Clipboard (can now export the selected log entries and entry fields to the system clipboard so that it can be pasted in any other app, with or without the field names)

•  ["Go to source" feature] Now also recognizing Java 9 stack traces
•  [macOS] Now supporting more native keyboard shortcuts for all text fields using ⌘ ('Command' key): "begin of line", "end of line", "select till begin of line", "select till end of line", and "Paste" inside password text field
•  [macOS] Fixed a warning displayed in the console when LogMX was started in command line on macOS with Java 9
•  [macOS] Specifying the "Contents/Home/bin" directory for JAVA_PATH now works (previously, only "Contents/Home/" and the java root directory worked)

•  When searching for text across all opened files and displaying the results in a new tab, some opened files were excluded in the search
•  Now handling the Log4j v2 date format %d{DEFAULT}, and also fixed the way %d{ISO8601} was handled: it will now map both Log4j v2 format (yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss,SSS) and Log4j v1/Logback format (yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss,SSS)
•  [Log4j/Logback parsers] Now properly parsing patterns nested tags like "%replace{%replace{}{}{}}{}{}", and patterns containing a whitespace character before the TimeZone like "%d{d/M/y H:m:s, UTC}"
•  When editing a bookmark that used SFTP "User Substitution" feature (sudo/su), the User Substitution options were all cleared in the UI (no user substitution, so if the bookmark was saved, the user substitution options were lost)
v6.1.0 (February 1, 2018)
New Features:
•  When opening a Directory (local/SFTP/FTP/FTPS/SMB), can now use a date filter to only open the files modified the last X minutes (especially useful when used along with the 'recursive' option!)
•  New Log Manager "HTTP Server": receives log entries sent through HTTP POSTs (embedded web server)

•  When using the Socket Manager, now displaying the first log entries as soon as they are received (i.e. don't wait anymore to receive the configured number of lines to detect Parser)
•  HTTP[S] Log File Manager: Can now use a login/password to get resources requiring authentication credentials (in previous version, got HTTP 401 without the ability to provide a login/password)
•  [macOS] When used with Java 9, now correctly handling macOS menu bar special actions (Preferences, About, Quit)

•  macOS native launcher now supports Java 9, and will now try to use the Java runtime specified by JAVA_PATH in "startup.conf" (if no path specified, will search for JDKs/JREs to use)
•  When opening an existing URL in "Bookmark" or "URL" editor windows, optional fields that were set to the default value in the URL to open (e.g. SFTP port 22) had incorrect values when the window was displayed (the value of the last opened URL was used instead)
•  When the "Find in all files" feature was used with option "Display results in new tab", only the log entries from the current active tab were displayed (now displaying log entries coming from all opened files, with a column indicating the file in which it was found)
•  HTTPS Log Manager didn't detect compressed files, so it tried to parse ZIP/GZ/BZ/... files without decompressing them
•  Trying to open a Tail view of a compressed file failed
•  [IntelliJ plugin] New plugin version (v1.0.2): fixed a compatibility issue with IntelliJ 2017 (error message in IntelliJ logs each time the GotoSource feature was used)
•  If some cases, the dialog "Open logs" couldn't be validated by hitting ENTER
v6.0.x versions
v6.0.2 (November 20, 2017)
New Features:
•  Can now recursively discover the log files to open using {SFTP/FTP/FTPS/SMB/Local} directory Managers (through Manager new option "Recursive", the given file filter will now match relative paths)
•  When a new version is available, LogMX now displays the Changelog (what's new compared to the used version), and if the user accepts the update, LogMX downloads and installs the new version

•  [Security] Windows utils DLLs now also signed (like the EXEs files are)
•  Dropped support for Itanium and pre-WindowsXP in Windows Installer

•  When copying a log entry to the clipboard, now also including the "MergedFile" field for merged logs.
•  On macOS and some Linux distributions, the password input dialog could appear behind the "Open log file" dialog (not visible to the user)
v6.0.1 (July 5, 2017)
New Features:
•  Now supporting the protocol STARTTLS to send e-mails
•  Now providing a "Test" button in the "E-mail configuration" dialog (will try to send an e-mail using the given settings)

•  Redesigned all application icons
•  Small tail size is now 4KB instead of 1KB, and default Tail mode size is now MEDIUM (10KB) instead of SMALL, to reduce the risk of reading only a fragment of a single log entry, which leads to an empty log entries table, and no Log Parser detected
•  Now also supporting stack trace elements that contain a whitespace character just before the OSGi bundle info (e.g. "...(File.java:15) [log4j-core-2.7.jar:2.7]" instead of "...(File.java:15)[log4j-core-2.7.jar:2.7]")
•  Log entries table cells now wrap text using its cell boundaries, instead of wraping at word boundaries only
•  Drastically improved the performances when opening a log file exported by LogMX when it contains a few thousands of characters on a line (up to 100x faster)
•  Updated Log4j2 JSON Parser to handle new JSON layout
•  Improved JavaLoggingXML Parser (XML JUL) performances and compatibility
•  When trying to merge a file with an already merged file, an error happened (technical message displayed), instead of displaying a nice warning message saying that it is not supported
•  Minor performance optimization in log parsing process
•  Minor improvements in fields selection UI in "Find" and "Export" dialogs (clicking next to a checkbox actually checked the box, now it will be checked only if the click happens on the box or its label)

•  Clicking on some Java StackTrace lines didn't work if a part of the line was highlighted by the "Find" feature
•  Some entry fields could be missing in the "Find" and "Export" dialogs
•  The "Abort file load" button didn't work for merged files (now it does!)
•  When opening a log file exported by LogMX (using the "LogMX entries file" export format), some characters in the logs were not interpreted as expected ("&amp;" instead of "&", and "&#39;" instead of "'")
•  When a log file was being loaded, the window status panel at the bottom could read "Invalid file" instead of "Load in progress" if user switched tabs multiple times during file load
•  When the "Options" dialog was validated while a log file was being loaded, this log file load could fail
•  Fixed minor graphical issues dealing with sub-menus layout
v6.0.0 (February 13, 2017)
New Features:
•  Can now choose a log level for each Emitter, in order to virtually reduce its verbosity (option also available in Filtering States so that this filtering element can be reused quickly)
•  Now also supporting a NetBeans plugin for the GotoSource feature, and can now also support any number and type of "GotoSource" plugin, from any IDE (API available to build plugin)
•  Can now report a bug and submit enhancement ideas directly in the app (new menu item in "Help" menu)
•  Can now cancel all filtering elements through new menu item in "Filtering state" menu (i.e. display all log levels, cancel all filters, and enable all Emitters)
•  [Export] When the export is completed successfully, now providing (in the message window displayed when Export is done) two new links: one to open the output file with the default system application, another to open the directory containing this output file (in Windows Explorer / macOS Finder)
•  When filtering entries against user-defined fields with type integer or double, can now use numerical operators <, >, <=, >=

•  Now needing Java 7+ to run LogMX (dropped Java 6 support)
•  Now providing a native macOS application to launch LogMX ("LogMX.app" included in all distributions)
•  Now also providing a NetBeans plugin for the "GotoSource" feature
•  When a file is opened in Tail mode, now displaying a visual reminder explaining that only the end of the file is displayed (useful when the 'Tail' mode is set on a bookmark, see forum)
•  When testing Alert action(s) in Alert editor, now displaying an info message if all the Alert actions were processed successfully, and if not, displaying all error message(s) (for each failed action)
•  When processing several actions for a triggered Alert, and that one of them failed, now keep on processing the remaining actions(s)
•  For Alerts "program" action and ExternalApplication, now providing more help, tips, and templates to run shell/batch/powershell scripts
•  Can now adjust the font size used for the entries list and entries details panel using Ctrl +/- (on top of Ctrl+MouseWheel)
•  [macOS] Keyboard shortcuts Fn-Left and Fn-Right now go to the first log entry and the last log entry, respectively
•  In "Open logs" window, now preventing the use of Tail mode with LogManagers that don't support it (SCP/HTTP/HTTPS)
•  When the MemoryStatus panel is clicked, now explaining how to change the maximum amount of RAM that LogMX can use
•  [GotoSource] Now also supporting stack traces that contain the jar file or class directory at the end (e.g. "[log4j-core-2.7.jar:2.7]")
•  Improved internal logging for better bug analysis (see new feature "Send a bug report")
•  Now providing a Javadoc API for GotoSource library (helper to write your own IDE LogMX plugin)
•  Simplified/fixed some questions/messages displayed to user
•  Now terminating two GUI threads that could stay alive during all application life cycle
•  Redesigned some Windows installer pictures
•  By default, the maximum memory that LogMX can use is now 800 MB instead of 600 MB (as always, can be changed in "startup.conf")
•  Made more clear that the "Open logs" wizard can be turned off at start-up
•  Redesigned the splash screen, and improved its progress bar
•  New high-definition logos for Retina displays (macOS)

•  When the search results of a merged file were displayed in a new tab, this new tab didn't contain the "Merge file" column and other user-defined fields columns (same bug when exporting entries to a new tab)
•  [HTML/JSON Export] Fixed issues with special characters ("\n" in log entry fields now replaced by "<BR/>" for HTML, and filename in JSon header now doesn't contain any invalid JSon character)
•  In some cases, the SFTP connection couldn't be restored automatically during AutoRefresh
•  Fixed a bug in Emitters tree that occurred with AutoRefresh when a new log entry was received with an emitter "A.B.C" and the Emitters tree was already containing a folded package "C.D": now splitting this folded package in two packages "C" and "D" so that Emitter C has its own node in Emitters tree (couldn't hide log entries emitted by "A.B.C", see forum)
•  Fixed a bug in RegexParser that prevented the usage of escaped parentheses inside a capture group
•  For a few graphical components, Ctrl-click didn't open the popup menu on macOS
•  When customizing the main toolbar buttons, the two-states toolbar buttons lost their state (selected/unselected) until a new log was opened
•  In "Open log(s)" window, when using SFTP/FTP[S] Directory Managers, changing some parameters (that were not related to the connection) made the browse panel disappear (e.g. "File filter", "Interlace merge", "AutoRefresh")
•  In Options, couldn't export log level(s) if no log level was selected first
•  Fixed an issue in the way LogMX was started using its JAR only (two libraries were missing in the JAR manifest)
•  Fixed an API Javadoc comment
v5.5.x versions
v5.5.2 (October 29, 2016)
•  When LogMX never opened an SFTP file yet, the "Open log(s)" window could not display the SFTP Manager options
•  [HTML/JSON Export] Fixed issues with special characters ("\\n" and "\\r" in log entry fields now replaced by "<BR/>" for HTML, and filename in JSon header now doesn't contain any invalid JSon character)
•  In Options, couldn't export log level(s) if no log level was selected before clicking on the "export" button
v5.5.1 (September 7, 2016)
New Features:
•  Can now access logs using SMB/CIFS/SAMBA protocol thanks to the new Log Managers "SMBFileManager" and "SMBDirectoryManager" (includes a SMB file-browser and a SMB directory Manager to open all the files in a SMB directory in the same merged view)
•  In SFTP file browser, now displaying owner/group and permissions info for each file/directory
•  [Parser API] Added new method "LogFileParser.getUserDefinedFieldsClasses()" to allow user-defined fields to be treated as any type instead of always String (useful when sorting log entries using this field when it's an Integer: {1, 2, 10} instead of {1, 10, 2}) (see forum)
•  Using Log4j/Logback/Regex Parsers, can now set a type (string/int/double) for user-defined fields
•  Can now create and apply a filter based on the right-clicked log entries field ("Display log entries having/not having this value")
•  Can now hide/show filters while keeping them active (see forum)
•  By right-clicking on a log entry, can now select and show its Emitter in the "Emitters" tree thanks to a new popup-menu item (see forum)
•  Can now go to the last log entry of an Emitter by right-clicking on this Emitter then using the new popup-menu item "Go to last entry"

•  [SECURITY] [Windows installer] When installing LogMX on Windows using the Installer and the option "Install for all users", users without administration privileges could manage to hijack some LogMX binaries to run code as administrator
•  [SECURITY] [Windows installer] Now using last NSIS version to prevent DLL hijacking when running the installer
•  When displaying a dialog window because an unknown/invalid log level was found, now also giving the log URL containing this log level (useful when many log files are parsed within a merged view)
•  [Mac OS] Now handling "Preferences" and "About" menu bar items
•  Can now select/copy text in some multiple-choices dialog windows
•  Improved an error message displayed when something goes wrong with an 'interlaced' merged
•  Improved a warning message displayed when the parsing of one of the files to merge is canceled
•  Updated IDE plugins help page to reflect the new IntelliJ IDEA plugin version (IntelliJ IDEA 2016+)
•  When the "About" dialog is opened, now detecting if a Pro license file is present in an "Evaluation" version, which should not occur, and may mean that the user doesn't know [s]he needs to download a "Professional" version instead. If it's the case, now displaying a message to explain this
•  Small performance improvements for computing log entries to display
•  Redesigned show/hide emitter/package icons
•  Improved the look of selected emitters label in the Emitters tree
•  Updated IntelliJ IDEA icon in application and documentation

•  Fixed a bug that could prevent opening a SFTP directory using SFTPDirectoryManager
•  When a Directory (local/SFTP/FTP/...) was opened in AutoRefresh, if a new file appeared in the directory with some new required columns (due to new user-defined fields for the new file), these columns were not added
•  When opening a log file, if all its log entries were on a log level lower than the current one, the "auto-level-switch" feature didn't work (i.e. it didn't go the lowest possible log level to display at least one log entry)
•  On multiple-monitors Windows configurations, LogMX launch could take about 4 seconds more than usual with some old nVidia drivers and some Java versions
•  When the user canceled the parsing of one of the files to merge, several features failed once the merge is done (Delta-t computation, File Infos, ...) even if some entries were successfully parsed
•  Now FTP[S] File/Directory Managers are more robust to random server timeouts and other FTP issues (especially when using AutoRefresh on merged FTP[S] files)
•  When exporting entries to a CSV file without using the option "Protect separators", entries were not exported
•  [Mac OS] When ⌘-Q was used to quit LogMX, the preferences were not saved before quitting, and no confirmation dialog was displayed (LogMX was not notified and was forced-quit)
•  When a SFTP session was opened using a Private Key and a sudo/su option, the password needed to proceed with sudo/su was not saved to user preferences even when requested
•  Using the "Flush" or "Delete" feature on a merged view in AutoRefresh could not work or could display inaccurate warning messages if one of the merged files was previously deleted
•  Fixed a bug that could occur when connecting to certain FTP servers ("ParserInitializationException: Unknown parser type")
•  Fixed IntelliJ IDEA plugin: starting IntelliJ IDEA 2016, the plugin options could not be changed (default settings were always applied). Due to the divergence between v11-v15 and v2016, there are now two different plugins: one for v11-v15 and one for v2016
•  If no log level was present in Options but at least one FilteringState was present in Options and was using a log level, then LogMX could not start
•  If the GotoSource feature didn't work when a stack trace was clicked and the "Options" window was not opened once since the app was started, then all Options were lost when the "Options" window was displayed to setup the GotoSource feature
•  When the main window was maximized, the entry details panel could not be restored to its previous height after LogMX is restarted (see forum)
•  Fixed a bug that could occur on rare occasions when using FTP[S] Log Managers with LogMX internal logs enabled
•  When the load of a merged file was canceled by the user (or failed), an extra error message was displayed (with no added value)
v5.5.0 (June 7, 2016)
New Features:
•  When using SFTP File Manager and SFTP Directry Manager, can now substitute user identity: using sudo/su commands through SFTP, it is now possible to read log files that are only accessible to users that cannot connect through SFTP (sometimes occurs with special users like "root", "apache", "oracle", ...)
•  Can now trigger more than one alert per second
•  Can now edit the LogParser used by the current opened file, by clicking on its name in the bottom status bar

•  Going to prev/next marked entry now takes into account the currently selected entry (i.e. going to first prev/next marked entry relatively to the currently selected entry) (www.logmx.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1721)
•  When sorting/unsorting log entries table, now automatically scrolling log entries table to show and select the entry that was selected before sorting/unsorting
•  When an Emitter is hidden/shown, now automatically scrolling log entries table to show and select the entry that was selected before this Emitter was hidden/shown
•  Now remembering the last used Export directory in order to use it to suggest the default output path for next Exports (directory not remembered if it matches source file directory)
•  Can now select and copy the text of all dialog message boxes
•  Redesigned some icons ("?" and "i" small buttons, "Google+" buttons)
•  Upgraded from JSch v0.1.51 to v0.1.53 (library used for SCP/SFTP connections): bugfixes, new commuication protocols supported

•  When trying to filter log entries by Timestamp while the current Log Parser did not handle absolute timestamp, LogMX could not display this warning message, an empty message was displayed, and the main GUI was frozen.
•  When trying to add a log entry in an interlaced merged file while the current Log Parser did not handle absolute timestamp for this new entry, LogMX could not display this warning message, an empty message was displayed, and the main GUI was frozen.
•  When monitoring a merged view of several files, removing one of these files from the filesystem could produce inconsistent display in log entries list
•  On Mac OS, the keyboard shortcut ⌘-F2 didn't work (marking/unmarking a log entry) if the log entries table had the focus (www.logmx.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5719)
•  When using a Filter based on timestamp on a file tab created by "Export to tab" or "Find" feature, the filter didn't work (www.logmx.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5732)
•  Using the "Find" window, when the searched text could not be found, the dialog box saying that the text couldn't be found was displayed two times in some cases
•  When the "Find" window was used to search for "X" in tab "TX", then for "Y" in tab "TY", opening this window back on "TX" (search option for "TY" still displayed) and clicking on "Find next" button went to next "X" occurrence, but "Y" was still specified in Find Window (www.logmx.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5735)
•  Entries outline at the right of log entries table was not refreshed if log entries were sorted
•  "Goto entry" feature could pick the wrong entry when entries table was sorted
•  Fixed default output file name suggested when exporting logs coming from TCP/UDP or from a merged view of non-local files (the suggested name was not coherent or invalid for some file systems)
•  When a log entries was selected (log entry details pane showing its details), if a new log file failed to be loaded, the log entry details pane still contained the details from the other valid log file
•  When all files were closed, log entries count at the bottom right corner still displayed the last known entries count (instead of no entries)
v5.4.x versions
v5.4.4 (January 7, 2016)
•  When LogMX was started with command line option "workspace:", opening a workspace that contained several "merge://" URLs opened a single tab with all workspace merged files (instead of multiple tabs)
•  Fixed "mail" and "program" Alert actions that use "%e"/"%f" to print log entry/file: if this log entry/file contained the special character "$" or "\", the Alert action could not be performed
v5.4.3 (November 2, 2015)
•  AutoRefresh performance improved when used on merged logs
•  AutoRefresh performance improved when used with Alerts
•  Improved JUL (Java Util Logging) XML Parser so that its stack traces can be processed by "GotoSource" feature (i.e. open IDE for stack frame)

•  Fixed incorrect parsing that could occur when opening a log directly in Tail mode (too few log entries were parsed)
•  When a log file was rolled (rotated) during a Tail session, the whole file could be read in some situations (instead of its end only)
•  When opening a merged view of logs in Tail mode, the log entries table might not display the source file name of each log entry (i.e. column "Merged file" of entries log)
•  Fixed incorrect parsing that could occur when using Tail mode on SFTP file (some log entries could be duplicated)
•  Fixed a bug that could occur while AutoRefresh was ON and when the log file was read from scratch (rolled/rotated file)
•  Fixed a bug that could freeze the app in some rare occasions with some specific Java versions
•  When opening a workspace whose first element is a merge, all following workspace elements were merged to the first one in a single tab (instead of a tab per workspace element)
•  Fixed a Parsing error that occurred with Regex Parsers containing an empty group "()"
•  When using option "Always use Auto-refresh" with SFTP and a very slow SFTP server: once the file was loaded, the first remote file update caused an error and the file was not refreshed anymore
v5.4.2 (September 29, 2015)
New Features:
•  When using date/time filtering, now providing 12 predefined time intervals: using a single click, can now show log entries from the last 5 minutes, 5 hours, today, current week, …

•  Now saving Timeline settings in preferences file (keeping display settings to show/hide text and found/marked entries) so that your preferences are restored when LogMX is restarted
•  Updated Readme file (LogMX Update instructions, TGZ package, typos)

•  Previous version (v5.4.1) introduced a bug that replaced all occurrences of "\\" with "\" in Workspace elements URLs created with LogMX v5.4.0 or older (e.g. issues with Bookmark of Windows UNC URLs like "\\Host\Share\file")
v5.4.1 (September 2, 2015)
New Features:
•  It's now easier to open a merged view of several logs coming from different LogManagers and/or different directories, thanks to "File" > "Open several logs in a merged view"
•  Can now easily bookmark a merged view of several logs coming from different LogManagers and/or different directories
•  When a I/O error occurs while Auto-refresh is on with SFTP, now automatically waiting for connection to be available again to restore the Auto-refresh state (no need to re-open a tab once the connection is back after a server reboot, a network failure, or when your computer gets back from sleeping mode)

•  When opening a bookmark that is a Merge of several files, now displaying the bookmark name in the file tab instead of "Merge#<ID_merge>" (if LogMX considers that this bookmark name is nice to be displayed there)
•  Now saving the merge "interleave" option for Bookmarks and URLs
•  When no Parser is found to parse logs, now displaying the concerned log URL (useful in case of merged logs to know which file has an unknown format)
•  Improved Windows launcher: error messages improved, and now detecting and alerting if 2Gb of RAM (or more) is requested for LogMX using Java 32-bits
•  Windows launcher: Now fail if Java version specified in "startup.conf" doesn't work, instead of trying with all other Java versions installed on the system (could led to strange issues when 32 bits launcher "LogMX.exe" was used through desktop shortcut icon: specifying a 64 bits Java version with "MAX_MEMORY" greater or equals to 2G failed because another 32-bits Java version was used instead). If a Java path is specified in "startup.conf", now LogMX uses it or doesn't start at all.
•  Added a new option in "Open logs" Wizard to open a merge view of different logs
•  In the "Bookmarks" window, now displaying a tooltip on bookmark URL cells (useful when URL is too long to fit in table cell)
•  "GotoSource" feature: shortened IDE timeout (could wait more than 20s in some network situations, now limited to 6s)
•  More robust to invalid Options file
•  In Parser creation dialog, now allowing up to 100 lines to test your parser in "Parser test" bottom panel, and allowing you to paste a text of any size (LogMX now takes only the allowed remaining text size instead of rejecting all the pasted text if it is too long)
•  Default startup configuration now includes two Alerts: one for ERROR entries, and another for ERROR/WARN entries

•  Can now edit a Bookmark of "Merge" type (i.e. can edit the list of log URLs to merge)
•  Fixed an error that occurred when trying to flush/delete SFTP files while AutoRefresh was enabled
•  Fixed an error that could occur when trying to flush/delete a merge view while AutoRefresh was enabled
•  When using the "Flush file" feature when receiving logs from the TCP/UDP LogManager, the emitters tree was not cleared (tree nodes present but with entries counter set to "0")
•  When Auto-refresh was used and a previously "found" log entry was highlighted, if this "found" entry was removed (reached log entries limit, file flushed, file rolling, ...), the highlight could persist in some situations, on wrong log entries
•  In "Options" window, "Encoding" tab, when "OK" button was hit before fonts settings were enabled in this tab, an error occurred and a small font was applied
•  Fixed issues with some windows that could appear astride screen boundaries in some situations
•  The default LogMX configuration used french Locale for default Parsers (minor issue since the Locale did not matter for these Parsers)
v5.4.0 (July 23, 2015)
New Features:
•  New "GotoSource" feature: when a log contains a Java stack trace, can now make LogMX open Eclipse/IntelliJ IDEA to go to any stack trace element (or simply see this element on a tooltip within LogMX)
•  Can now change AutoRefresh delay thanks to 3 new settings, for Local files, Sockets, and other logs sources ("Tools" > "Options" > "Managers")
•  Added 2 new options ("Tools" > "Options" > "Managers"): SocketManager queue max size (used to enqueue incoming data from different connections), and maximum number of lines/entries to read during each AutoRefresh pass.
•  Parsers using SocketManager can now get the remote IP/port for the current log thanks to the new methods SocketManager.getLastRemote[Host/Port]() and LogFileParser.getLogFileManager()
•  LogParsers can now get the LogManager that is currently reading the logs to parse, thank to the new method LogFileParser.getLogFileManager()
•  Each LogFileManager can now force a specific AutoRefresh delay thanks to the new method LogFileManager.getAutoRefreshDelay()

•  Greatly improved "Filter" performances (between 4 and 6 times faster)
•  SocketManager can now handle several parallel TCP connections (coming from different IPs/ports) in a single logs tab
•  Now displaying raw text received from socket if log format could not be detected using SocketManager (helps setting up LogMX and logger)
•  In main window bottom status bar, now displaying number of displayed entries, and now formatting this number and the number of selected entries with a more readable format ("100000" -> "100,000")
•  Now using colors on filtering toolbar to indicate whether the current filter is applied or not
•  Added more details on memory status concerning the gap between current values and marked values
•  Now displaying, in AutoRefresh toolbar, the number of parallel TCP connections (coming from different IPs/ports) when using SocketManager
•  Now displaying, in "File Info" window, the list of parallel TCP connections (different IPs/ports) when using SocketManager
•  Added debug logs in TCP/UDP Managers to show received non-serialized logs
•  Avoid spurious logs and stack traces when using UDP SocketManager
•  In the Windows installer including Java, now embedding Java 8, in a private JRE stored within LogMX directory

•  Syslog built-in Parser did not parse some log entries as expected (did not handle some cases where optional fields are not present)
•  When using a SocketManager, user-defined fields were not displayed in a new column of the log entries table
•  "External applications" feature: could not start an external application if its path contained a whitespace character using Java 1.7 update 21 or more
•  Fixed a bug that made LogMX display many spurious error messages when the format of logs received from a socket could not be detected
•  Fixed an error (ConcurrentModificationException) that could occur in some cases when LogMX was started with a log URL as a command line parameter
•  File "package-list" was missing in API Javadoc located in LogMX install directory (could lead to Javadoc detection failure in Eclipse for Parsers & Managers development)
v5.3.x versions
v5.3.4 (April 16, 2015)
New Features:
•  Now also providing TGZ archive to install LogMX on Mac/Linux (same content than legacy ZIP archive, but avoids having to type "chmod +x logmx.sh")
•  Now also including IntelliJ projects (already set up) to build Log Parsers & Managers
•  Now also including Maven scripts to build Log Parsers & Managers
•  Now also including Gradle scripts to build Log Parsers & Managers

•  In "Alerts" window, added a new 2-states button "always on top" (so that this "Alerts" window can be set on top of all other windows to be always visible)
•  [Parsers/Managers development]: Eclipse projects now easier to setup (no variable to define anymore to access LogMX jar file)
•  Improved layout in "Export" window (can now use smaller window without hiding any graphical component)
•  Alerts window icons redesigned, and minor quality improvement on some pictures

•  When editing the "entries filter" part of a Filtering State, the calendar popup was not displayed for date filters
•  When editing a time-based filter, some parts of the calendar popup could be outside of current window boundaries (alert editor or filtering state editor)
•  When a filter was re-used (using the "favorites" icon), a text field was displayed at the right of this filter even if it dealt with log levels (log levels combo was displayed as expected, but a text field was displayed too)
•  "Find" window was not closed once the button "Find" was hit when option "display result in new tab" was checked (regression introduced in v5.3.3)
•  In Alerts settings window, clicking on button "Show Alerts window" did not display the Alerts window if it was behind main window
•  "Open logs" window: when using a "Directory" Manager (e.g. SFTP Directory), now displaying available credentials icons in "login" field for the underlying Manager (e.g. SFTP), since these credentials are shared between those Managers
•  Fixed internal logging component that could not produce some logs in some cases
v5.3.3 (March 9, 2015)
New Features:
•  Can now choose to use word-wrap for text layout in Entry details panel (thanks to the new toggle button on Entry details panel toolbar)
•  "Find" feature: can now search some text across all opened files
•  "Find" feature: when browsing found matches, now also showing and highlighting found match in entry details panel (useful when found match did not show in main entries table because found match was outside the table cell visible area)
•  Marked and found entries are now displayed in Timeline (can be turned off)

•  "Find" window can now be used to browse results (window is now kept opened by default once browsing starts)
•  "Open logs" window: In eval version, now displaying the file limit dialog box only one time, and only once the LogManager successfully browsed the directory
•  Now saving "Find" window's position and size in user options
•  When editing a Log4j/Logback Pattern Parser, the tags settings are now no more reseted when a tag option is modified (e.g. from "%d{dd/MM/yy}" to "%d{dd/MM/yyyy}")
•  If a user-defined LogManager returns 'null' in "prepareForReading()" (should not occur), now detecting it and throwing a nice Exception with a clear message to ease LogManager development (a NullPointerException occurred and user could not tell why using the stack trace)
•  When LogMX is started using "logmx.sh", "logmx.command", or "LogMX.bat", now allowing variable "JAVA_PATH" (in "startup.conf") to point to Java root directory instead of its "bin" directory (common mistake) (".exe" launchers already allowed this)
•  Improved some graphical elements (re-designed checkboxes/radiobuttons, some icons quality improved, blue color now used for all selected elements, more homogeneous and coherent colors)

•  Fixed a major bug that prevented several LogManagers (eg: FTP/FTPS/SFTP/SCP) to connect to the desired host: the system proxy (defined at OS level) was used even if LogMX option "use system proxy" was not chosen (it occurred when system proxy was set for sockets).
•  [Timeline] When timeline graph's width changed (e.g. main window resized), its blue selection rectangle was not located at the right position
•  When using a Log4j/Logback Pattern Parser containing something like "%10t" or "%-10t" (Thread left/right justified), LogMX did not remove the extra whitespace characters before or after Thread name
•  Timeline did not display correct graph if Log Parser provided relative dates (graph started in 1970), now first trying to use absolute date if available
•  In "Open log" dialog, when a browser panel was closed because a connection parameter was changed, clicking on the "Browse" button had no effect in some cases (a second click was needed in these cases to display the browser)
•  When editing a Log4j/Logback Pattern Parser, the tags settings might not be used to parse the previously entered sample text when the dialog reappeared
•  If memory status graph was detached from toolbar, and its detached window was closed, the menu item still displayed "Hide memory status" instead of "Show memory status"
v5.3.2 (February 16, 2015)
New Features:
•  Now providing a Wizard to open logs, in order to ease LogMX set up (selection/creation of Managers/Parsers)
•  New HTTP/HTTPS log Managers (can now read logs from HTTP/HTTPS, even with an Evaluation version)

•  Improved Workspaces management dialog: can now select multiple tree elements to open/remove all of them at the same time, can now expand/collapse the whole tree using a right-click on the tree, and now automatically collapsing tree by default when dialog opens if there are more than 30 elements (visibility improved)
•  Maximizing the "Entry details panel" (by double-clicking on its toolbar) now also uses all available space at the left of the window (not only at the top)
•  For Log4j/Logback/Regex parsers, now handling the 'f' character in date format as an alias for 'S' (milliseconds), in order to also handle Log4Net date format (which is very similar to Log4J/Logback/Java date format)
•  Added links to "Parsers" and "Managers" options in "File" menu
•  Web links to download LogMX updates are now specific for eval/pro versions (popup when a new LogMX version is available)

•  On Windows 8/8.1/10, the "Power-user menu" (aka "Win+X menu" or "Quick access menu") did not work anymore when LogMX "Windows shell extension" was installed (only the last four menu items worked, all the others produced no effect when clicked)
•  When sorting log entries using 2 or 3 columns, entries might not be sorted correctly on columns 2 or 3 when column 1 or 2 contained the same value repeated several times (see forum)
•  In "Network" tab of "Options" window, when editing a saved account while accounts table is sorted (by any column), the wrong account was modified
•  Fixed "Filtering State" editor: when opening an existing Filtering State, the "OK" button might be disabled but it should not (and also fixed some tooltips in this dialog window)
•  In "Open logs" dialog, credentials availability for selected account (e.g. password, private key) might not be updated correctly without a restart
v5.3.1 (January 9, 2015)
New Features:
•  Can now sort log entries by any column(s) (3 max columns at the same time)
•  In LogParser creation wizard, can now directly choose a file to test the Parser

•  In "Options" window, when going to the "Encoding" tab, now all Font stuff is loaded in background ("Options" window is not frozen anymore while fonts are loading (which could take a few seconds if a great number of fonts are installed)
•  Added a parameter in startup configuration file ("startup.conf") to customize JVM options (useful to fix memory issues with some 64-bits JVMs on multi-processors configurations)
•  Now automatically adding new parameters to startup configuration file "startup.conf" on all OSes (and not only when using the Windows installer)
•  Added details on date format to use to create filters
•  [AutoRefresh] When a great number of log entries are removed from entries table due to log entries limit set by user, the operation took more than 30 seconds, without any feedback for this background operation (now takes less than 1 or 2 seconds, with an hourglass mouse pointer)
•  FTPS Log Manager now always accept all X509 certificates (some FTPS connections could fail in previous versions)
•  Can now quickly go to log levels options doing a right click on log levels sliders
•  Minor graphical improvements in "Open file" window for remote Managers (tooltips now also available on multiple-choice parameters, and clickable area of check boxes now reduced to checkbox size only instead of full row width)
•  For all text fields, can now use Ctrl+Home/Ctrl+End to go to the begin/end of the line (only Home/End worked)

•  When LogMX could not completely load a file due to a "OutOfMemory" error, the associated error message (and its note to avoid this) might not be always displayed correctly (due to low memory)
•  In Options window, some graphical tables might not be displayed correctly if their columns were reordered
•  Timeline tooltip might not be always visible if mouse was on the right hand side of the timeline, and next to screen right border
v5.3.0 (November 24, 2014)
New Features:
•  New "Timeline" feature: adds a timeline view in main window, to see the quantity of log entries over time, with warnings/errors highlight, direct access to log entries using the mouse, and fast filtering by date using mouse right button
•  Now supporting file flush feature on merged files, and directories (local, SFTP, FTP[S])
•  Now supporting file deletion feature on merged files, and directories (local, SFTP, FTP[S])

•  When no suitable parser was found for a log file, and user chooses to create a new Parser, now using the beginning of this log file as the sample text to parse in Parser creation wizard, to ease Parser creation
•  When a FTP[S] file could not be deleted via "Delete file" feature (e.g. file locked), no error message was displayed in some cases
•  Added details about ISO8601 date format in help files
•  Default configuration now allows LogMX to use up to 600 MB of RAM, instead of 400 MB
•  Exported options (i.e. parsers, accounts, levels, ...) can now be manually opened (ZIP format), modified, then re-ZIPPed and be imported back in LogMX (in previous versions, modifying the exported file prevented this file to be imported due to strict ZIP entries ordering)
•  [Windows installer] In full installer (i.e. with Java included), now including Java 1.7.0_u71 instead of Java 1.7.0_u45 (for security reasons)
•  Upgraded from JSch v0.1.49 + JZlib v1.1.1 to JSch v0.1.51 + JZlib v1.1.3 (library used for SCP/SFTP connections)

•  Fixed a GUI freeze that could occur if a Manager took too long to respond
•  [Log4j socket Appender] Fixed a compatibility issue with Log4j v1.2.13 and Log4j v1.2.14 that prevented LogMX to receive log events sent by these (old) Log4j versions (see forum)
•  When Auto-refresh was used on a merged file and one of the merged files was flushed, main log entries table might not be refreshed correctly
•  Fixed a minor bug that occurred when selecting a LogMX file tab for which the file could not be loaded, while the "Find" window is displayed
•  In the Parser creation wizard, the log entries table header displayed filter icons (like for main window entries table) but it should not
•  Fixed typos and a bad link in API docs
•  Fixed typos in License file
v5.2.x versions
v5.2.1 (October 23, 2014)
New Features:
•  Can now read/monitor SFTP/FTP/FTPS directories thanks to new LogManagers (read/monitor all remote directory files, taking into account added/removed files)
•  Can now export log entries to a file that can be re-imported later in LogMX (new export format based on legacy XML export, and added a Parser to read the exported XML files)

•  [FTP/FTPS] Better handling of session timeout when log file is not modified for a long time
•  Can now start a Tail on merged files (on previous versions, files had to be merged, then Auto-refresh started ; can now use both "Tail" and "Merge" features directly from "Open log file" window)
•  Can now monitor a merged file in Console mode
•  When the SFTP/FTP file browsers ("Open file" window) are not displayed anymore, associated SFTP/FTP session is now closed (then re-opened when needed): it caused some issues with some servers limiting the number of active sessions per user
•  When a merge operation is not supported (e.g. merge includes an export/search result, a local/remote directory), now displaying a nicer message that explicitly explains that this operation is not supported at this time, instead of a technical error message

•  On evaluation version, going to "Options" then applying some changes shortened the delay before the message "Eval version is over" was displayed
•  In "Open log file" window, when choosing a host (e.g. for SFTP logs) in the combo box listing known hosts, the 'host' text field was not refreshed with this selected host (the host had to be selected a second time from the combo box to refresh the text field)
•  Simple files (i.e. not Workspace/Bookmark) could not be monitored anymore in Console mode (regression)
•  In Options, when listing Parsers, now hiding internal LogMX parsers (that cannot be used as Parsers)
•  In Options, when listing Managers, now hiding internal LogMX managers (that cannot be used as Managers)
•  With some merged files, "Activity" graph was empty (i.e. no log entry on the graph)
•  When a date filter was used on merged files, the default date in date-picker was not the selected entry's date but the current date
v5.2.0 (September 25, 2014)
New Features:
•  Can now read & parse compressed log files (zip/gzip/tar/bz2/lzma/xz) automatically and on-the-fly for all Managers (i.e local files, SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/HTTP, ...)
•  New TCP/UDP Socket Manager, supporting Log4j v1, Log4j v2, and Logback SocketAppender logs, as well as any other raw text logs over TCP/UDP
•  Can now merge any set of files directly from the "Open file" dialog, for any Manager (e.g. SFTP/FTP/FTPS browser)
•  Can now import/export log levels settings (from/to an external file)
•  Added new "live stream" Manager type (usefull when reading from a pipe, socket, serial port, ...)
•  Added new "entry-extraction" Manager capability: Manager directly extracting log entries objects from underlying source, instead of lines of text (usefull when reading binary logs, like serialized logs, database, ...)
•  New  ManagerSpecVersion  (v1.2), allowing custom Managers to use compressed logs, live stream logs, and log entries extraction (yet, v1.2 is not mandatory, LogMX can still use v1.1 Managers)

•  When a filter is removed, now automatically focusing on the last selected log entry
•  Can now remove several log levels at the same time in "Levels" tab of "Options" window
•  By default, now parsing the 100 first lines of a log file before switching to another parser (instead of 50)
•  Now handling a 32x32 icon for each Log Manager, now used in "Open file" dialog
•  Levels slider redesigned
•  [Windows .exe launcher] Now adding "lib/*.jar" to classpath (easier to add JARs to classpath for custom Parsers/Managers, or Logback/Log4j deserialization for SocketManager)

•  [Text search] When a text was found deep down a very long log message, all log entries were highlighted
•  When the window "Add a new Log Manager" and then "Options" window were validated, the window "Add a new Log Manager" appeared again
•  Fixed a bug that could prevent LogMX to start, in some cases, when a non-fatal error message was displayed (displaying this error message might then produce a fatal error)
•  [AutoRefresh] When a log file was flushed or totally re-written, the log entries outline (vertical bar at the right of log entries) was not always refreshed
•  In multiple screens configuration, some dialogs were not opened on the screen currently used by LogMX
•  Fixed a minor graphical issue with levels slider gradients
v5.1.x versions
v5.1.2 (August 7, 2014)
•  Parsers now handling ISO 8601 timezones for date formats ('X' letter in date format)
•  Can now close a file tab with the mouse middle button, even if the mouse moves while clicking
•  Improved explaining of how to use a filter date in eval version (Ctrl+Click)
•  AutoRefresh "ScrollLock" feature now replaced with "Focus on new entries" feature
•  Mac OS keyboard shortcuts: Meta (⌘) key now also used on all text components, instead of Ctrl
•  Mac OS keyboard shortcuts: Can now use Meta+A to select all text in text components and all rows in tables, instead of Ctrl+A

•  Could not move file tabs anymore using mouse drag, now fixed
•  [AutoRefresh] When new log entries were received and entries limit was exceeded, currently selected entries were un-selected, and the view scrolled down automatically, but it should not
•  When searching text in "Entry details" panel, the found text did not appear selected (highlighted) if this panel did not have the focus before opening the "Find" window
•  When a user-defined field was used in a "Simple Parser", this field was replaced with a "UUID" field
•  Some log files written by Log4j2 XMLLayout were not recognized as Log4j XML, so could not be parsed with built-in parser "Log4jXMLParser"
•  When reading log files written by Log4j2 HTMLLayout, the built-in parser "Log4jHTMLParser" was not able to read "Emitter" and "Location" fields.
•  Some log files using Syslog format could not be parsed using built-int Parser "SyslogParser" (RFC5424 with VERSION field)
•  Now supporting log level names containing special characters like ",", "=", "[" (it used to produce errors during LogMX startup/exit when reading/writing user options)
•  "File information" window did not report the right file tab title when this tab was renamed (the old name was displayed)
v5.1.1 (July 25, 2014)
New Features:
•  Can now set main window always on top of all other desktop windows (via the new item in menu "Window")

•  Improved parsing performances of syslog files containing a great number of different PIDs
•  Added an option for Syslog Parser to handle PID as a part of the Emitter
•  Can now close a file by clicking on its tab with the mouse middle button

•  When monitoring a file containing user-defined fields, flushing this file content made LogMX display new empty columns in main log entries table
•  In some cases, when a parser found a log entry but then removed it, LogMX did not consider this Parser as suitable for this file
v5.1.0 (May 8, 2014)
New Features:
•  Log4j Pattern Parsers now also handle Log4j v2 patterns
•  Log4j Pattern Parsers now also handle Logback patterns
•  New Parser added for Log4j JSON logs (JSONLayout appeared in Log4j v2)

•  Fixed an error in Linux start script that prevented to start LogMX with command line parameters, when using some strict POSIX shells like dash
•  Fixed a minor graphical bug in Parsers lists options
•  When Auto-refresh was enabled and the monitored log file was re-written, the Emitters tree lost some emitters
v5.0.x versions
v5.0.2 (April 21, 2014)
New Features:
•  Can now also export log entries to JSON format (among other current formats like XML, HTML, CSV, ...)
•  [Pro version] Can now configure a list of external applications that can be started within LogMX (can give information to these applications, like current opened file and selected entry)
•  Can now ignore log entries emitters through new option (useful for log formats without emitters to increase performances and decrease memory usage)

•  Improved file loading performances for files containing a large number of entries (reduced the time to process emitters tree, once loading progress reached 100%)
•  On Mac, can now choose to use "Command/Meta" key (⌘) instead of "Ctrl" key for keyboard shortcuts (e.g. "⌘+C" to copy, "⌘+O" to open, ...)
•  [API] New method available to Parsers: removeLastEntry()
•  Improved performances of entries filtering
•  Improved performances and precision of memory status panel
•  If a Java Class Parser could not be instantiated due to its fields initialization error, now detecting it and displaying a precise error message
•  When testing a Java Class Parser in "New/Edit Java Class Parser" window, parser class is now reloaded for each parsing if the corresponding setting is on (i.e. setting does not affect file loading only anymore)

•  Fixed handling of MDC field in Log4jPattern parser: multiple MDC fields can now be used in log format, and log entries table columns now displaying the key name of each MDC field (see forum)
•  Fixed file loading progress bar (displayed value could be greater than 100% in some cases)
•  Fixed invalid location of some entries outline markers (right vertical bar showing errors/warnings/found entries) when file contained more than 4,000,000 entries
•  When an already existing Java class parser was double-clicked in Options, ClassPath tree was not loaded
•  Fixed a minor graphical issue in some file chooser windows
v5.0.1 (March 28, 2014)
New Features:
•  Can now import/export all exportable options (at this time: parsers, bookmarks, workspaces, accounts) in a single global import/export (see "General" tab in "Options")

•  Can now import/export user accounts from/to an external file
•  When importing options from a file, now also displaying (in preview panel) the LogMX version used to export this file
•  Now allowing a Parser to add a parsed log entry (using addEntry()), then enrich this entry later, then re-add this entry (using addEntry()) so that LogMX can update it without re-adding it
•  Added links to LogMX social network sites

•  Fixed an error that prevented the import of some Parsers
•  Using Autorefresh, if the last parsed entry was enriched in file, it was not updated in entries table in some cases
•  In the window used to set entries table columns settings, the OK button was not enabled in some cases, even if the settings were valid
•  Help pages could not be opened on some Windows versions
v5.0.0 (March 10, 2014)
New Features:
•  Can now create a new type of Log Parsers: "Regex Parsers": A bit like Log4jPattern Parser but log format is described using Regular Expression (UNIX/Java/Perl/Python syntax). Handling optional text and ignoring fields is easier than with Log4jPattern Parser.
•  Can now save and edit Tail & Alerts settings in bookmarks (when bookmarking a file, can save its current Tail/Autorefresh/Alerts settings in bookmark, so that these settings are always used when opening this bookmark in GUI mode or console mode)
•  In "Open file" dialog, now using an automatic-completion editable combobox for "Login" and "Host" fields. A previously-used account (i.e. login@host) can be reused quickly, as for login only or host only. Text typed in "Login" and "Host" fields will be automatically completed if a match is found
•  Can now export configured parser(s) to an external file, and import previously exported parser(s) from an external file (Java Class parsers files also embedded in export)
•  Can now export bookmark(s) and workspace(s) to an external file, and import previously exported bookmark(s) and workspace(s) from an external file
•  Can now rename file tabs (i.e. display any user-defined text instead of short file name)
•  Added a shortcut to filter logs using a specific log entry attribute (e.g. level, message): simply click on the entries table column for this attribute, and a new filter will be setup for this attribute
•  Can now use a toolbar button (or menu item) to quickly open a bookmarked file
•  Can now increase/decrease log entries table font size using Ctrl+MouseWheel (table rows height will automatically be adjusted to always display the number of lines specified in user options)
•  Added an option to display bookmark name in file tab, instead of short file name
•  [API] A user-defined Java Class Parser can now declare if it handles fields "Level" and "Emitter", to improve detection/handling of incomplete entry parsing during AutoRefresh

•  Can now sort files (by name, size, date) displayed in "Open file" dialog browser (for SFTP/FTP/FTPS/...)
•  File chooser UI improved: on Windows, using system icons. On Mac/Linux, using nicer icons than previously
•  In Evaluation version, now allowing up to 10 files (instead of 3) to be displayed in remote file browser (SFTP/FTP/FTPS/...)
•  [Console mode] Now handling logs monitoring of workspaces and bookmarks (i.e. can now use "--monitor" option with "workspace:" and "bookmark:" inputs)
•  Replaced setting "Entries table row height" with "Lines of text per log entry", to choose exactly the number of lines of text to display in log entries table (table rows height now automatically adjusts depending on font size, to match this number of lines)
•  For Log4jPattern parsers, now better detection/handling of incomplete entry parsing during AutoRefresh
•  When opening a bookmarked file, can now edit this bookmark properties directly by clicking on the yellow star icon in the address bar
•  Added a "Tail" option to read the whole file before tailing
•  For all comboboxes used to select an encoding, now displaying most common encodings in the first place (with a quick description), before listing all available encodings
•  Most text input controls in whole application now support undo/redo (Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y)
•  Now using icons for log entry fields when editing alerts/filters
•  Can now compute elapsed time since log entry creation even if its date contains only day/month/year (assumed timestamp is 00:00:00)
•  Can now remove several user accounts at the same time in "Options" > "Network"
•  Improved file format description in main window status bar
•  Help documents now opened in default system browser (fallback to legacy help viewer only if default browser cannot be used)
•  Some graphical elements were improved in UI

•  LogMX froze when trying to create a bookmark with a name used by an already existing bookmark
•  When a file was opened directly in Tail/AutoRefresh mode and contained user-defined fields, these fields were not displayed until file was entirely refreshed
•  Fixed a bug that could occur when opening a SFTP/FTP[S] file in Tail mode (tail failed)
•  It is now possible to filter, by date, entries containing only day/month/year using a filter without hour/minute/second (i.e. only day/month/year in filter)
•  In "Open file" dialog, using the Local file manager, if an absolute directory was typed in "file name" field, then pressing ENTER or clicking on OK made LogMX try opening this directory as a log file, instead of going to this directory in browser
•  In some error message dialogs, some special characters were not displayed
v4.1.x versions
v4.1.3 (January 29, 2014)
New Features:
•  Now also supporting RFC 5424 for syslogs (previous versions only support RFC 3164 syslogs, so for some OS's like Solaris 11, syslogs could not be parsed correctly by LogMX)

•  Improved graphical performances when scrolling log entries with Java 1.7.0_u40 or later
•  For syslogs format, now displaying the Facility name (e.g. "kernel messages", "log audit", "local0", ...) and not only its ID
•  Added a start script "logmx.command" for easy startup on Mac
•  On MacOS, now using LogMX icon in dock

•  Using Java 7 update 40 or later, application froze for a few seconds the first time a tooltip was displayed (was due to JDK bug #8024858). A fix was applied to avoid this bug.
•  Fixed a regression from v4.1.2 that made the "Sort emitters" button buggy (did not work anymore)
•  Fixed a bug that prevented some popup menu to be displayed on Mac (right-click on file tab and log entries table header)
•  Fixed Linux/Mac start script: when starting LogMX from outside LogMX directory, the configuration file "startup.conf" was not used
•  On UNIX/Linux/Mac, failed to start LogMX if its absolute path contained a whitespace character and if start script was called from outside LogMX directory
•  Fixed a small graphical issue for files tabs gradient, with Java 1.7.0_u40 or later
v4.1.2 (January 3, 2014)
New Features:
•  When a log entry is selected, now always trying to focus on this entry when log level is changed (instead of going back to the first log entry in the entries table)
•  Added a new connection setting for FTPS: "PROT" (can be set to "C", "S", "E", "P", or "NONE"), which is useful when the FTP server only accepts protected connections (eg: error message "PROT P required")

•  Now detecting and displaying FTP/FTPS errors when browsing FTP/FTPS sites
•  Reduced processing time between the end of log file parsing and GUI readiness
•  Now handling Premium license files (support/updates > 1 year)
•  Internal logs for SCP/SFTP access could be confusing: they seemed to be tagged "SSH#i" for each connection, but they were not (JSch has only one Logger at a time for all connections)

•  Eclipse RCP logs parser did not recognize some log entries begin (these entries were merged to previous entry's message)
•  Changed keyboard accelerators for Bookmarks (Ctrl-K & Ctrl-Shift-K instead of Shift-B and Ctrl-Shift-B) to avoid triggering Bookmark action when typing character 'B' (using Shift-B)
•  Fixed a bug that produced an error message (about timestamp format) on some occasions when interlacing log entries on merged files
•  When an Alert was triggered, its link to original log entry did not work if file was a multiple-sources file (e.g. merged file or directory)
•  When an already opened file was merged with other file(s), closing the first file could produce errors
•  Fixed some display bugs in Emitters tree (some nodes height might be too big, or some nodes might not be displayed on some rare occasions)
•  Toolbar buttons background was not painted correctly when pressed
v4.1.1 (October 30, 2013)
New Features:
•  New Parser for syslog files (UNIX/Linux system log files)
•  New Parser for Eclipse RCP logs
•  Using a right-click on a file tab, can now copy to clipboard: file name, file path, and complete URL

•  Better support of multiple screens configurations (e.g. default windows position/size)
•  For Log4jPattern parsers and Simple parsers, now allowing any number of whitespaces in date field where only one is expected (some log formats use fixed-length fields, so "MMM dd" must match both "Oct 11" and "Oct  5")
•  In emitters tree, can now expand/collapse all tree nodes (and not just one recursively) with just one click (right-click on emitters panel empty space)
•  [Parser API] New optional method getVersionInfo() on Parser, to display some Parser versioning information in LogMX GUI
•  Fixed a warning when compiling user-defined parsers/managers using Ant v1.9+
•  [Windows installer] In full installer (i.e. with Java included), now including Java 1.7.0_u45 instead of Java 1.7.0_u25 (for security reasons)

•  When no suitable Parser could be found to read a log file, an error message appeared (NullPointerException)
•  Fixed a table columns size settings issue: when saving columns state as default sizes, previous settings for user-defined fields were lost (now merging user-defined fields columns settings)
v4.1.0 (October 4, 2013)
New Features:
•  New feature "Filtering state": can now quickly save & re-apply all filtering elements at once (i.e. shown/hidden levels, shown/hidden emitters, and applied filters)
•  Can now customize main toolbar (each menu item can be added on toolbar, with any order, optional separator, and optional keyboard shortcut displayed)
•  Can now freely resize any log entries table column, making this table horizontally scrollable (use SHIFT while resizing a column)

•  Can now cancel a file load with ESC key without having to switch to the tab that is currently loading
•  Can now cancel a file load using a new dedicated button just in front of the loading progress bar (red button in main toolbar now only quits LogMX, it doesn't stop file loads anymore)
•  Removed options "show classes" and "show classes count", and renamed "class" to "emitter"
•  When reloading a file containing user-defined fields, now keeping user-defined fields columns settings (size, visibility) after reload (see forum)
•  In "Network" options tab, can now sort user accounts by protocol, authentication method, or description
•  In "Open file" dialog for non-local files, now displaying icons in "Login" field to indicate if a Password and/or Private Key is available for this account
•  Can now maximize/restore entry details panel by double-clicking on its toolbar (or via the entry details panel contextual menu)
•  [Windows Installer] Now providing an option to add a rule in Windows firewall to allow incoming/outgoing connections for LogMX (for remote logs access)
•  [Windows Installer] Now embedding JRE 7 in full installer (and not JRE 6 anymore, for security reasons)

•  [FTP] File browser ("Open file" dialog) failed if FTP server didn't return a file date
•  [FTP] Fixed Auto-refresh issue for some FTP servers
•  If a valid password was presented in a file browser ("Open file" dialog) and the user checked the option "save password", the password was not saved (password was saved only when the file could be opened)
•  Canceling a file load could take too long if no log entry was parsed yet
•  When converting a pre-v4.0.1 bookmark for SCP/SFTP, the leading "/" character was missing in bookmark URL (see forum)
v4.0.x versions
v4.0.2 (July 4, 2013)
New Features:
•  "Open file" window now providing a FTP/FTPS file browser (similar to current SFTP file browser). Note: a future Manager Specification will soon include "Browser" capabilities so that it would be possible for any Log Mananger to be used in this browser.

•  During connections to SCP/SFTP servers, now number of authentication retries reduced to 2 (to prevent user account to be blocked in case of multiple authentication failures if server doesn't allow this)
•  Windows installer now avoids a reboot during LogMX updates/reinstall if DLLs to update are identical to current ones (sorry, this new version comes with new DLLs)
•  Internal LogMX logs can now be enabled (in startup config file) to ease technical support
•  Windows Explorer shell extension now fully UNICODE (issues could be produced in Windows Explorer shell extension if LogMX was installed in a path containing non-ASCII character(s))

•  Fixed a SFTP/SCP connection issue (regression in LogMX v3.0.1 which didn't send well-formed passwords when using "KeyboardInteractive" Authentication Method in some cases)
•  "Export" window could not be displayed when trying to export a file that has been merged from already loaded files ("Tools" > "Merge")
•  Now supporting empty passwords for user accounts
•  In "Open file" window, the last opened file parameters could be lost among different sessions
•  Uninstaller didn't uninstall Windows Explorer extension properly (explorer context menu) (now LogMX icon is gone from context menu even before reboot, and links to LogMX are removed from Windows registry)
v4.0.1 (June 6, 2013)
New Features:
•  Main window bottom view can now display any log entry field(s) and not only "Message" field (fields list/order can be customized)
•  Now supporting IPv6 addresses in URLs to open (e.g. SFTP/FTP/SCP/...)
•  Can now use Windows 7 and Windows 8 "Pin to taskbar" function to create a shortcut for LogMX in the taskbar
•  Can now quickly reorder all bookmarks by name (see forum)

•  Now displaying Log Manager URL pattern in "Open file" dialog and "Managers" options
•  When no Parser is found for a file, now asking user if [s]he wants to create a Parser
•  Now remembering "Bookmarks" and "Options" windows size/position (see forum)
•  Now providing a few sounds for Alerts
•  Can now listen to alert sound when setting it
•  Now raising an error if no option is given in console mode
•  In "Bookmarks" window, can now move a bookmark to the top or bottom of the list (thanks to the new popup menu using a right-click)
•  Can now display bookmarks sorted by name and/or URL in "Bookmarks" window (see forum)
•  On Windows, LogMX now runs as "LogMX.exe" (or "LogMX-64.exe") instead of "java.exe": can now distinguish LogMX from other Java applications (helpful in processes list, or to add firewall rules for this process). Note: "LogMX.exe" first tries to load LogMX in 32-bits mode, and if it fails and a suitable 64-bits JRE/JDK is found, then LogMX is started in 64-bits mode (whereas "LogMX-64.exe" only tries to start LogMX in 64-bits mode)
•  When displaying all ClassPath entries for Parser/Manager addition, now expanding ClassPath entries like "dir/*" to all JARs in directory "dir/"

•  [Monitoring in console mode] On first file update, the whole file could be re-read if file size was smaller than tail size
•  FTPManager: "File" part of URL was optional (now mandatory)
•  Find window in Evaluation version: checking "Regular expression" displayed the Pro version message twice
v4.0.0 (April 18, 2013)
New Features:
•  Can now access logs from FTP/FTPS servers, thanks to the two new FTP/FTPS Log Managers (handling auto-refresh, file flush, and file deletion, using FTP active and passive modes)
•  Now highlighting found text in log entry field
•  Now supporting Tail mode on merged files (monitor only the end of each file, merged in a single view)
•  Now supporting Tail mode on local directory (monitor only the end of all files in a directory, merged in a single view)
•  New feature "File information" that shows in a window all pieces of information about a file (can follow current file tab selection, and can be automatically refreshed upon file modification)
•  New Search option ("Use current selection") to go to the next or previous found entry from the current selected entry (useful, for example, when you want to see found entries from a given starting point)
•  You can now switch Search options "Wrap Search" and "Use current selection" without performing a new search (both options can be changed in the "Search" status bar at the bottom of main window)
•  Added a "Network" option to use Proxy system settings
•  [API] New method LogFileManager.getProxySettings() provided to allow Managers to get Proxy settings configured in LogMX GUI
•  [API] New LogURLParameterType "enum" (displays radio buttons to choose a value among others for a Manager URL parameter)

•  Can now clear the result of "Find" feature (by clicking in the "Find" status bar at the bottom of the main window)
•  Added an option to choose if the configured proxy shall be used only for HTTP/HTTPS, or also for all Log Managers
•  In "Network" Options, now displaying the specific Log Manager icon for each user account
•  Improved error message when password request for SCP/SFTP/FTP/FTPS is dismissed
•  [API] Added method LogFileParser.getGUIName() so that the Parser can get the current name that was given to it, in LogMX GUI options
•  [API] User-defined LogFileManagers can now customize the filename that appears in GUI file tab thanks to the new method LogFileManager.getShortFilename()
•  Fixed the "OutOfMemory" error message: now advising to modify "startup.conf" file to tune Xmx (and not ".bat", ".sh", or ".cfg" file)
•  Now using Java 7 javadoc style for LogMX API javadoc
•  Now using hyperlinks to logmx website in displayed messages

•  When using Auto-refresh on merged files, user-defined limit for number of log entries to display was ignored
•  When exporting "found" entries, some entries could be exported several times if searched text was found several times in this entry
•  Fixed an issue that prevented LogMX to load, in some cases, external libraries (to use SCP/SFTP, sounds, statistics charts, ...)
•  Fixed an error that could occurred during a file refresh
•  Fixed a crash in HTTPManager when releasing its resources without initializing it first
•  Fixed links to Log4j Web documentation, in help page for Log4j Patterns
v3.2.x versions
v3.2.2 (February 8, 2013)
•  [API] User-defined Managers can now get network user account passwords, as a char[], from LogMX password repository using "getOrAskUserPassword()" (can only acess passwords for this Manager's protocol)

•  SFTP browse button in "Open file" dialog was not displayed if option "Reload Manager class for each file load" was on
•  In "Open file" dialog with SFTP Manager, fixed a bug in SFTP browsing when specified URL was like "/" or "/file" (needed empty URL or at least two slashes in path)
v3.2.1 (February 4, 2013)
New Features:
•  Can now open workspaces and bookmarks using options "workspace:" and "bookmark:" in command line (works for both Graphical mode & Console mode)
•  Added an option to force the reload of LogFileManager subclass before loading a log file with it (useful when writing your own LogFileManager since you don't have to restart LogMX each time you re-compile the Manager)

•  [API] Link to Java API updated (java.sun.com -> docs.oracle.com)
•  [API] Added some details about "LogFileInfo" class and its expected date format

•  When using Windows installer to upgrade to LogMX v3.2.0, new feature "LocalDirectoryManager" not installed by default (using current Managers list, this new Manager had to be added manually)
•  When the file didn't load successfully, bookmarking it didn't work
v3.2.0 (January 28, 2013)
New Features:
•  [Pro version] Can now enable Auto-refresh on merged files (only if all files participating in this merge are eligible for Auto-refresh)
•  [Pro version] Can now read/monitor several files (matching a file pattern) from a directory, merged into a single tab, thanks to the new Manager "LocalDirectoryManager". New files are detected and automatically added to this merged view.
•  [API] Added a new LogURLParameterType called 'LOCAL_DIRECTORY' to denote a local directory that can be chosen by a directory chooser in LogMX GUI (see API)

•  Can now export merged files from Console mode
•  "Find" feature now also works on user-defined fields for merged files
•  "Filter" feature now also works on user-defined fields for merged files
•  "Export" feature now also works on user-defined fields for merged files (see forum).
•  Guess of default export directory improved (even with merged/remote files, and using input file directory, last used export directory, or user home directory)
•  Upgraded from JSch v0.1.37 + JZlib v1.0.7 to JSch v0.1.49 + JZlib v1.1.1 (library used for SCP/SFTP connections)
•  Before exporting log entries to an already existing file, now asking confirmation to overwrite this file even if output file was entered manually (except in case of "append" export)

•  Fixed an error that prevented the merge of files if one of the files was empty
•  [SFTP] Fixed a connection issue when Kerberos Authentication method was chosen (by underlying SCP/SFTP library) whereas it should not (now forcing the use of password and/or private key authentications, depending on user settings). See forum.
•  Some files could not be parsed if its first line was empty
•  If LogMX started in command line using "LogMX.bat" from a directory different than LogMX directory, the settings file "startup.conf" was ignored
•  With user-defined LogFileManager, URL parameters of type "BOOLEAN" didn't work well in the "Open file(s)" window (checkbox was grayed instead of being unchecked)
•  If a file was externally modified while AutoRefresh was turned on, the status bar text (bottom of main window) displayed refreshed info about this file even if this file was not the current active file (i.e. selected file tab)
•  When exporting merged files, default output file name is now always a valid file name
v3.1.x versions
v3.1.0 (November 8, 2012)
New Features:
•  [API] Added an API method to allow Log Parsers to get the current parsed line number (see API)
•  [API] Added an API method to get other file entries (see API)
•  When setting network user account properties, now using a Combobox for the choice of Private key file, so that already used PK files can be easily reused for several users
•  In "Options" window, can now duplicate any Alert, Log level, Log level redirection, Parser, Manager, and User account
•  In "Options" window, can now re-order Alerts, Log level redirections, and User accounts

•  Now using a single configuration file "startup.conf" to set startup settings for Windows, Linux, and Mac (Java path, maximum memory, splash screen, config file, console, additional classpath)
•  When an unknown/invalid log level is found during file load, now displaying the line number for this log level
•  In "Options" > "Network", now displaying icons in front of each user account to indicate the use of password/PK file/passphrase
•  [CSV Export] When using option "Remove new lines from fields", now replacing new line characters with a whitespace character (instead of just removing it)
•  [CSV Export] Default field separator is now "," if the current computer locale uses "." as decimal separator (English/US), or ";" if the current computer locale uses "," as decimal separator (some European countries)
•  [CSV Export] Now using double-quotes to protect line breaks, quotes, and field-separators within CSV fields (RFC4180)
•  When using the calendar popup to pick a date/time, pressing ENTER while editing current timestamp now validates the calendar popup
•  When using the calendar popup to pick a date/time, now using the currently selected log entry date as the default date for calendar popup
•  Fixed display of file size in bytes (now using Kilo/Mega/Giga bytes with 1000 as factor, instead of 1024 -- conformity with International System of Units)

•  Fixed an error preventing from loading a file in "raw-text" mode if file size > 2GB (load was OK if file used a known log format, i.e. not in "raw-text" mode)
•  When using "flush file" feature just before enabling "auto-refresh" feature, user-defined fields were not displayed anymore (Refresh needed to restore these user-define fields)
•  The help window displayed from the "Export" window was not enabled and could not be browsed until the "Export" window was closed.
v3.0.x versions
v3.0.2 (November 16, 2011)
New Features:
•  Added methods to LogMX API so that LogParsers and LogManagers can get information on opened log files or log files to be opened (class LogMXAPIUtils and method LogFileParser.getParsedFileName())
•  Can now create a user-defined LogFileManager extending the LogMX "LocalFileManager" Manager, in order to tune the way LogMX handles local log files

•  In the window allowing the selection of the log file to open, an option has been added to show/hide hidden files/folders (older versions used OS current setting)
•  In the window allowing the selection of the private key to use for remote logon, hidden files were not displayed if hidden files (e.g. "~/.ssh") were not displayed by Operating System file explorer (Windows/Linux/Mac)
•  Now displaying an icon in the Windows Explorer context menu for item "Open with LogMX"
•  On Windows Vista/7, now using UAC to get administrator rights in order to integrate LogMX to Windows file context menu

•  On 64-bits Windows versions, the installer failed to add item "Open with LogMX" to the Windows file context menu
v3.0.1 (October 26, 2011)
New Features:
•  Can now use private/public key pair authentication for SFTP and SCP connections (see forum)
•  Installer for Windows now able to update an existing LogMX version, keeping user settings, parsers, and managers

•  Improved security for passwords saved by LogMX (smtp server, proxy, sftp, scp, ...)
•  Windows launcher ("LogMX.exe") is now digitally signed (avoid a security warning on Windows Vista/7)

•  Bookmarks (and other Workspace elements) lost the right part of character "@" in their URL (e.g. hostname + file path lost in SCP/SFTP URLs)
•  Can now use any Unicode character in passwords saved by LogMX (smtp server, proxy, sftp, scp, ...)
v3.0.0 (September 12, 2011)
New Features:
•  Now providing installers for Windows (one with LogMX+Java, and one with LogMX only)
•  Added option "--allfields" for Export feature in Console Mode, to export all entry fields (ignoring current export/display preferences). Old option "--all" replaced with "--allentries"
•  Can now play MP3, WAVE, OGG, AU, or MIDI sound files for log monitoring alerts

•  Console mode can now be run using "LogMX.exe" instead of "LogMX.bat"
•  Reduced memory usage when exporting one or several large files in console mode
•  "Options" dialog now appeared faster (Fonts settings are now loaded only when the "Encoding" tab is displayed)
•  Improved error messages if LogMX launcher for Windows (LogMX.exe) encountered an error (useful for multiple JRE/JDK issues)
•  Removed MS Visual C Runtime dependencies for ShellContextMenuSetup.exe
•  Can now add an option "Open with LogMX" in Windows contextual menu without administrator rights (applied for current user only)
•  New LogMX icon design
•  Maximum amount of memory that can be allocated by LogMX increased from 300M to 400M (this value can be changed, see here)

•  An error message was displayed for each installed parser when opening an empty file
•  On 64-bits Windows versions, with only a 64 bits JRE installed, LogMX launcher (LogMX.exe) couldn't start LogMX (file "java.exe" was not found)
•  Bookmarks saved with LogMX v2.1.0 (or older) didn't work in v2.1.1 (see forum)
•  When using some fonts with a big size ("Options" > "Encoding"), the left emitter tree didn't correctly display some emitters.
•  Using evaluation version, trying to export a log file might freeze Export settings window
•  When alerts settings (mail, sound, program) were modified but alert edition was cancelled, its settings were saved but it should not
•  Fixed a minor GUI bug when MemoryPanel size was too small
v2.1.x versions
v2.1.1 (May 23, 2011)
New Features:
•  Now handling Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Arabic characters display (in "Options" > "Encoding", can auto-detect compatible System fonts for a given text)
•  Can now change the Font to use for all LogMX graphical elements
•  Can now save for each Bookmark and Workspace element its encoding settings (default, specific, or auto-detect) (see forum)
•  [Export] When performing a "LogMX tab" export, the user can now choose to re-assign new ID to log entries (1..n instead of original IDs)

•  Added entries filtering operators "not contains", "not starts with", "ends with", and "not ends with"
•  Added an alert at start-up if the current LogMX font doesn't handle the current language alphabet
•  "Delta-t" feature renamed "Elapsed time"

•  Simple Parser and Log4jPattern parsers couldn't parse log entries which timestamp was like "8.0450" or "0814.450" using format "%d{ssss.SSSS}" (see forum)
•  When reading UTF8 or UTF16 files containing a BOM (Bytes Order Mask), the first log entry of such files could be ignored
•  [SimpleParser] Using a "SimpleParser" could produce a NullPointerException (depending on parser content) if LogMX was restarted between the edition of this parser and the use of this parser to read a log file
•  When encoding settings were changed by the user in "Options" dialog box, it was not applied to "Open file(s)" dialog box encoding settings
•  Closing an SCP log file while it is loading could lead to LogMX GUI partial crash (many GUI components were disabled)
•  [Export] When trying to perform a "LogMX tab" export for the second time, the progress monitor dialog for the first export was still displayed (the user needed to close it manually before performing another export)
v2.1.0 (May 2, 2011)
New Features:
•  File monitoring and alerts can now be processed from console mode (no GUI)

•  Now displaying line number when a parsing error occurs
•  Filtering: when "Message" operand is selected, always select "contains" operator by default

•  When merging log files containing user-defined fields, these fields were not displayed in merged file (see forum)
•  When opening a merged file ("merge://...") the main table column "Merge file" was not displayed, if no log file was previously opened
•  When merging already merged files, the column "Merged file" didn't show the right file name
•  [Alert editor] Using recent JRE 6, it was not possible to configure "mail" or "program" actions for an alert (action checkbox was unselected after action edition)
•  In "Options" window, levels redirections were saved even if user clicked the "Cancel" button
•  Level redirection didn't work if a specific parser was used (worked if all parsers used)
•  LogMX Options couldn't be saved (in "Options" window) if LogMX started without configuration file (i.e. when using default configuration)
•  Using Simple Parser or Log4jPattern Parser, couldn't parse log entries which timestamp was like "8.450" or "814.450" using format "%d{ss.SSS}"
•  Bad entries table repaint when hiding "Timestamp" column
•  [Console Mode] Trying to use the "Export" feature on evaluation version produced a error stack trace instead of "Evaluation version" message
•  Fixed a NPE when Ctrl-W typed but no file opened
v2.0.x versions
v2.0.3 (November 22, 2010)
New Features:
•  LogMX can now be run in Console mode to perform command-line automatic procedures. At this time, this Console mode can run the existing "Export" feature, so that you can export log entries (CSV, XML, ...) directly through command-line
•  Can now filter entries by numeric conditions on their ID (<, <=, >, >=, ...)
•  Can now create alerts on entries by numeric conditions on their ID (<, <=, >, >=, ...)

•  Can now cancel the load of raw-text files (see forum)
•  LogMX Options are now saved when they are modified and not only when LogMX is closed (can go back to previous behaviour through new option "Saving LogMX options when") (see forum)
•  Can now filter entries using new operators ">" and "<" on their date (comes in addition to already existing operators ">=" and "<=")
•  Can now create alerts on entries using new operators ">" and "<" on their date (comes in addition to already existing operators ">=" and "<=")

•  When changing current log level, user-defined columns of log entries table were re-ordered (if the default columns order was not used)
•  When trying to modify a Java Class parser ("Options" > "Parsers") whose Class is not present, all LogMX windows were disabled, no user input action was possible (user had to manually kill LogMX process)
•  When modifying a Java Class Parser ("Options" > "Parsers"), parser name was reset to its class name
v2.0.2 (August 30, 2010)
New Features:
•  Now handling user-defined columns preferences (in main log entries table)

•  [Log4j HTML Parser] Entries containing Stacktraces now also contain Date and Thread info (taken from the entry that emitted this Stack)

•  Fixed a bug (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException) while opening log file (due to user-defined columns)
•  [AutoRefresh] Now clearing correlation result when the log file is modified in any other way than "appended" (eg. file flushed, or some lines removed)
v2.0.1 "Katy" (April 19, 2010)
New Features:
•  Can now ignore extra Log4j tags (%F, %l, %L, %M, %r, %x, %X tags were automatically displayed since v2.0.0 if present in Log4j pattern)

•  Due to a regression in v2.0.0, couldn't parse log entries dates with date patterns like "*M*d*" (e.g. yyyy-MM-dd) => Delta-T computation and interlaced files merge didn't work for these log entries.
•  Filtering log entries by date didn't work on merged log files
•  Fixed an error in API Javadoc (LogFileParser.getLocale())
v2.0.0 "Katy" (March 19, 2010)
New Features:
•  Now handling log entry user-defined fields (eg: "ClientID", "LineInFile", ...). A new column is displayed in the main entries table for each user-defined field (see forum).
•  New "Bookmarks" feature: user can now save bookmarks (save URL of a log file and give it a name, to open it later) (see forum)
•  New "Workspace" feature: a Workspace is a named set of URLs, bookmarks, and/or directories to open (useful when a set of log files is opened several times) (see forum)
•  Now handling log files written by Java Logging API (XML and SimpleText formats, using any language) (two new Log Parsers added in default configuration)
•  Can now search & filter log entries using conditions on entry user-defined fields
•  All kind of user-defined parsers (Simple, Log4j, Java) can use log entries user-defined fields
•  User can now choose the Locale to use by a Java Class Parser (the parser class can get this Locale through a new API method)

•  LogMX now requires Java 6 or higher
•  Main log entries table display performances dramatically improved (scrolling is now much smoother)
•  "TRACE" log level (used by Log4j) now supported by default (see forum)
•  Delta-T computation can now also be launched from log entries table popup-menu (options "show/hide packages" of this menu have been moved to a sub-menu)
•  Readme file added
•  Can now drag'n'drop files on LogMX window from Firefox (format "application/x-java-url")
•  Address bar can now be used to drag'n'drop current file URL to another application
•  Can now drop a file anywhere on the window to open it (was only on a few GUI components)
•  Entries table display performances improved when using a customized entry date format
•  Now handling fields "Method" and "Logger" for log files written by Java logging API XML
•  Parser for Log4j HTML logs now supports and displays relative timestamps (in millisecond), and its performance has been improved
•  Entry message text search dialog now always keeps focus
•  Added Alt+Shift-F shortcut to search text within entry message
•  Can now use Ctrl+W to close current file
•  Using "logmx.sh" to start LogMX, user can now use any JVM options instead of default JVM options included in this start script (these options are to be given through this start script arguments) (see forum)
•  Now displaying a Splash-screen at start-up
•  Improved error messages when a Log File Manager can't be initialized (e.g. on an invalid URL, the URL pattern to use is now displayed)
•  Maximum size for Log4jPattern is now 1024 characters (was 200)
•  Now allowing 6 lines of text (instead of 5) to test parser (in Parser creation dialog)
•  Added an error message when LogMX terminates abnormally when launched from the Windows Batch file
•  Main window icon is now rendered in a better way, for all sizes
•  Graphical library xtlnf now recompiled in Optimized mode

•  Fixed a bug in Filter feature which caused an invalid filtering when using at least 3 filters with OR operator (see forum)
•  Settings of Log4jPattern parsers tags were lost (see forum)
•  [Log4jPattern Parser] Some multiple-lines entries were not parsed as expected
•  Menu option "Copy field only" (on entries table popup menu) didn't copy the right table cell if a column of this table was hidden
•  [AutoRefresh] If a file flush was performed with AutoRefresh, some entries were still displayed if file was not modified between AutoRefresh start and file flush
•  [Log4jPattern Parser] When using a single-line pattern ending with "%m" or "%m%n", multiple-lines messages was not handled (only first message line was displayed)
•  Using "logmx.sh" to start LogMX, can now give several log files to open (only first one was opened)
•  [AutoRefresh] When max number of entries to display was set (to reduce memory allocation), LogMX didn't use this limit for file parsing (all entries were read, then trimmed), which might cause OutOfMemory errors even when using this limit
•  Fixed a memory leak that prevented Java to release log file resources when file was closed
•  Prefix "file://" didn't work to open local log files
•  In Parser creation window, parsed entries table didn't work if a customized entry date format was set in Options
•  Workaround for Direct3D poor performances with Java 1.6.0_u10+, which caused very slow scrolling in main log entries table (see forum)
•  Entry filtering process ignored entries if its field (used by filter) didn't contain anything (typically no value set by parser). Now treating it as the empty string "".
•  [Log4jPattern and Simple Parsers] Date formats using day of year ("D") couldn't be used as absolute dates.
•  Entry message text search didn't work when searching backward with "case sensitive" checked
•  Browsing through found entries didn't focus the right found cells, if columns of log entries table were moved
•  User-defined date format for main log entries table didn't work for merged files and exported files
•  "Open file" dialog directory content was not refreshed when re-opened
•  Fixed a minor bug when closing all log files while "Find" window was displayed
•  Ctrl+Shift-C shortcut (for Calendar feature) didn't work if focus was on main entries table
v1.3.x versions
v1.3.3 (June 18, 2009)
New Features:
•  Can now perform a text search on an entry message only (in the bottom pane)
•  Can now use a specific Locale (language + country) for parser date format (using Simple Parsers and Log4jPattern Parsers)
•  Parser creation dialog now indicates (in "Parser Test" pane) if entries relative and absolute dates were successfully parsed

•  [SFTP file browser] Now starting browsing in the last used directory when possible (instead of "/")

•  Log4j Pattern Parser didn't handle tabulation ("\t") symbol (now interpreted as a tab character)
•  In display options, the parameter "entries table row height" now sets the real number of lines to display per cell (i.e. is aware of current font size)
•  Calendar was not displayed correctly when used from Alerts editor
•  [SFTP file browser] Now handling symbolic links for files and folders (all links were seen as simple files)
v1.3.2 (February 20, 2009)
New Features:
•  New "Calendar" feature: filtering log entries by date/time
•  Can now explore SFTP files/folders to choose SFTP file(s) to open (several SFTP files can now be opened at the same time)

•  (Parsers options) Can now use any integer value for number of lines to parse before switching to next parser (combobox replaced with a free text field)
•  When getting an I/O error while reading file, don't try to read file with another Parser anymore (lead to several error messages, one per active Parser)
•  Can now use a configuration file different than "config/logmx.properties" (config file path can be specified in start script)
•  Sample log parser source file: now using StringBuilder for better performances

•  Filtering feature didn't work on multiple-lines entry's fields
•  When using a Log4j Pattern Parser without emitter (%c), auto-refresh output was one behind and didn't show the last file entry
•  When a file load failed, the underlying Log File Manager was not released (could lead to underlying non-released resources like sockets, SSH/SCP/SFTP channels...)
v1.3.1 (January 8, 2009)
•  Filtering feature performances dramatically improved (up to 5 times faster for big files)
•  Added an option to force Java Parsers Class to be reloaded for each log file load (useful for parser debug, avoid restarting LogMX each time the parser is modified)
•  When turning Filtering on, automatically give the focus to filter text field

•  AutoRefresh: When new log entries were read, links to all file entries were lost for "Find", "Mark", and "GoTo" features
v1.3.0 (January 4, 2009)
New Features:
•  New "Filter" feature (filter log entries by any field - also works with Auto-refresh)
•  [Pro version] New "Statistics" feature (displays graphs: log activity, emitters/threads/levels distribution)
•  Can now set default settings to use for Log Entries Table columns (size, order, visible)

•  Now using LogMX entry filters to edit Alerts
•  Export: By default, export all fields except 'ID' ('Level' and 'Timestamp' fields were not exported by default)

•  Fixed a bug when hiding a column of Log Entries Table (its size was set to 0 pixel but could still be resized)
•  'Open file' dialog: OK button could be disabled for all Managers if only one Manager needed some user input
•  Fixed a bug in Alerts editor when closing its window using the Window Manager instead of buttons OK/Cancel
•  Fixed a bug in Network user account editor when closing its window using the Window Manager instead of buttons OK/Cancel
v1.2.x versions
v1.2.6 (November 10, 2008)
New Features:
•  Can now export any set of log entries to an XML file
•  Can now export any set of log entries to an HTML file
•  Can now export any set of log entries to a new LogMX file tab

•  Added an option in start script to use a specific JRE/JDK
•  Log Entry message pane now uses the same font size than the Entries table (this font could not be modified by user and could be too small using high screen resolutions)
•  New 'Java Class Parser' dialog: Use parser name found in Java Class as Parser name by default in dialog

•  Using detected file encoding to write exported file (for HTML/XML exports, also write encoding name in file header)
•  If file export took less than a few milliseconds, next exports failed
•  When emitter tree font size was changed in Options, emitter names were not displayed anymore in this tree (until next file reload)
v1.2.5 (July 22, 2008)
New Features:
•  New parser type: "Simple Parser" (describe log format in a graphical editor)
•  Can now display entries timestamp using a user-defined date format

•  Can now give a name to all parsers (supported for all parser types)
•  Can now test all parsers with some text to parse, directly in "New parser dialog" (supported for all parser types)
•  When adding parsers, they are now added with the most priority (on top of list)
•  SFTP Auto-refresh performances improved
•  Export feature performances dramatically improved (up to 10 times faster for big files)
•  During file export, a progress bar is now displayed (with a 'Cancel' button), GUI doesn't "freeze" anymore
•  Added an option to always enable AutoRefresh
•  Improved parser description in user error message
•  CSV export settings now saved to preferences file (each time LogMX is started, last Export options will be applied in "Export" dialog)
•  When an invalid date format is specified for CSV Export, now displaying an error message to tell the user which invalid characters were found (no error message was displayed and export was aborted)

•  Can now connect to a SCP server which only handles Keyboard-Interactive authentication method (could occur using several Linux SCP servers)
•  Fixed a bug in Auto-refresh when using UTF-16 files
•  [Log4j Pattern Parser] Tags "%d{s}" and "%d{S}" didn't match absolute timestamps (i.e. only number of seconds or milli-seconds since 01/01/1970)
•  [Log4j Pattern Parser] Escape code "%%" was not correctly handled (i.e. didn't match simple text "%")
•  Error messages line-wrapping improved: lines are now wrapped at word boundaries (whitespace), and if a word is too long (e.g. a long file name), it's wrapped to fit in screen
•  When all files were closed, last entry message was still displayed at the bottom of the main window
v1.2.4 (May 29, 2008)
New Features:
•  New "Tail" feature (monitor only the end of file, using Auto-refresh)
•  Can now use Auto-refresh, Tail, file flush, file deletion, and encoding auto-detection with SFTP files!

•  Can now use Auto-refresh mode while file is empty (i.e. when log file format not detected yet)
•  Reduced number of I/O operations when opening a file => better performances with remote files
•  Now checking Log File Manager Specification Version before enabling a Manager
•  New Manager Specification Version v1.1 (to help performance improvements and multi-threading handling)

•  "LogMX.bat" fixed to open several files (couldn't open more than one log file included in command line)
•  LogMX start script for Linux/Unix/Mac didn't work in some cases (missing sha-bang "#!/bin/sh")
•  Now displaying the right SFTP file date
•  Auto-refresh always used the default system character encoding (now uses the encoding specified by the user)
•  Auto-refresh could fail to read end of line using Mac terminated lines
•  Auto-refresh could be enabled even if LogManager didn't support "HeaderReading"
•  When a file was merged with a merged file, this new merged file couldn't be reloaded (its URL was "merge://merge://a[semicolon]b;c", which is now replaced with "merge://a;b;c")
•  When a file couldn't be opened (file tab in red), the menu item "File>Close" was disabled (the tab could be closed only using the cross on this tab)
v1.2.3 (April 16, 2008)
New Features:
•  New SFTP Log File Manager
•  Now natively handling Log4j XML layout (new parser "Log4jXMLLogFileParser", see our forum)
•  Can now start LogMX with multiple files to open (using the command line or the Windows contextual menu "Open with LogMX")

•  SCP error messages improved (now making a difference between authentication issue, and host found but not listening)
•  When dropping an external file on LogMX window, user can now choose to always open this file in a new tab or always merge it with the current opened file (new option + "remember my decision" checkbox)
•  Now using JSch 0.1.37 + JZlib 1.0.7 (next releases may use the SSH compression for SCP/SFTP)
•  When a page is displayed several times in the help window, do not add several entries in history
•  Now using Java 6 features (if JRE is Java 6) to open web pages in the default system browser

•  Fixed a Windows file association issue - LogMX could be used instead of another appropriated application - Now using a DLL to handle Windows context menu item
•  Windows explorer integration feature didn't work if LogMX install directory contains white space
•  Now handling Windows paths in SCP URLs (e.g. "scp://john@myhost:C:\myfolder\myfile.txt")
v1.2.2 (February 21, 2008)
New Features:
•  [Pro version] User-defined Managers (user can now write his own log file manager)

•  Can now set help window "always-on-top"

•  Color of default log level couldn't be changed without re-starting LogMX
•  When correlating a merged file, an error message appeared for each entry without timestamp (now displaying only one error message and aborting correlation)
v1.2.1 (January 26, 2008)
New Features:
•  When drag'n'dropping file(s) onto LogMX window, now allows merging these files with the current opened file, or merging them in a new file tab

•  Can now compute delta-T using a new keyboard shortcut (Alt-X)
•  Can now merge any search result to other files

•  Drag'n'dropping file(s) onto LogMX window caused an error
•  Computing delta-T in a "Search result" file tab coming from a merged file caused an error
v1.2.0 (January 21, 2008)
New Features:
•  Now handling all encodings and auto-detecting Unicode/UTF
•  [Pro version] Now handling regular expression search
•  [Pro version] Can now export a file in CSV. Can also export only a part of a file (search result, selection, or displayed entries)

•  LogMX Professional version now available!
v1.1.x versions
v1.1.2 (December 12, 2007)
New Features:
•  New Correlation feature: correlate log entries by their timestamp, through one or more file(s), using an optional time shift different for each file

•  User can now list hosts for which proxy must not be used
•  SCP error messages improved (error type is now specified: proxy error, host/port not found, or invalid login/passwd)
•  In "File" menu > "Recent files" list, files paths are now shortened to 90 chars max (keeping beginning and end as much as possible)
•  In file tabs, files paths are now shortened to 45 chars max (keeping beginning and end as much as possible)
•  Can now copy to clipboard a unique entry field for several entries
•  Added an option to display full merged file path or only its name in entries list

•  Opening a file by drag'n'droping it on main window produced a file merge containing only this file
•  Once a file was merged with current opened file, option "merge with current file" was still selected in "Open file" dialog even if no file was opened (which caused an error when trying to open a file)
•  Documention: fixed links to Log4j and J2SE javadocs
•  Progress bar displayed while file is loading could be too small to be seen if file had a very long name
•  LogFactor5 parser: now using right date format "dd MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss,SSS" in user Locale, then in English Locale if user Locale failed (previous versions used "dd MMM. yyyy HH:mm:ss,SSS" in English Locale)
v1.1.1 (November 2, 2007)
New Features:
•  User can now merge several files in a new file tab (files can be already opened or not)

•  "Open file" and "Open remote file" dialogs now merged: user can now choose the LogManager and merge settings to use in this new Dialog
•  Now using JSch v0.1.35 (library used to read SCP files, see forum)
•  Number of recent opened files saved in configuration file now changed from 10 to 20

•  Some files could stay opened using "Close all files" option
v1.1.0 (October 5, 2007)
•  LogMX now needs Java 5 (or higher)
•  Log4jPattern Parser: Parsing performance dramatically improved (up to 10 times faster for complex files)
•  Log4jPattern Parser: Can now compute elapsed time since an entry was produced when the user defines his own date format via SimpleDateFormat in %d
•  Invalid entry level detection improved
•  While loading a file, if a valid unknown level is found, now allowing user to switch to next parser or to cancel load
•  Performance improved for files containing very long lines (e.g. > 4000 chars)
•  Improved parsing performance for multi-line entries
•  If file tabs don't fit in window, now ensure that current tab is always visible and display a button to allow user to choose a tab in a popup menu

•  Log4jPattern Parser: Fixed a bug dealing with date format (LogMX didn't correctly detect the end of the date in some cases)
•  Log4jPattern Parser: LogMX didn't parse log4j files correctly if log4j tags appeared after 'Message' tags containing a new-line character
•  Keyboard shortcuts to switch to next/previous tab didn't work when on a raw-text mode tab
•  Keyboard shortcuts to go to next/previous tab were switched
v1.0.x versions
v1.0.7 (September 6, 2007)
New Features:
•  Search result can now be displayed in a new file tab
•  User can now choose the directory to use by default when opening a file

•  Log4j pattern parser: Now trimming extra tags content
•  Performance improved for files containing very long lines (> 2000 chars)

•  Log4jPattern parser: fixed a bug dealing with Log4j quantifiers and white-spaces (e.g. %-10c or %-10.20c)
v1.0.6 (August 24, 2007)
New Features:
•  LogMX now checks for newer version every week (and on user demand)
•  Search: added an option to mark all found entries

•  Alerts: For 'window focus' action, now also restore window if minimized
•  Added an option to unmark all marked entries

•  Opening a file via drag-n-drop didn't work if file dropped on a raw-text file
•  Using Java6, hitting ENTER in "Find" dialog processed the search two times
v1.0.5 (July 16, 2007)
New Features:
•  Alerts editor now includes a "Test" button to test alert actions within the editor

•  User can now display Alerts window at anytime (using a new button in Alerts configuration dialog)

•  SCP connections: now handling login's containing characters "-" and "_"
•  SCP connections: proxy password was not properly sent to server during authentication process
•  "Go to entry" feature and entry links in Alerts window could fail if AutoRefresh limit truncated file
v1.0.4 (July 14, 2007)
New Features:
•  New "Alerts" feature implemented: simply define alert(s) that will be triggered when specified event occurs. Possible alert actions are: sound, program, e-mail, window focus

•  Improved log levels configuration (easier to move/add level, no need to manually add level group)
•  Now warning user if a parser was compiled with a Java version greater than current used version

•  LogMX now works properly if started from a Windows UNC URL (e.g. \\\\myhost\mydir), or from a directory containing uppercase character(s) on Linux
•  Log levels configuration: now pruning least critical empty level groups
•  AutoRefresh toolbar now always displays last button when toolbar takes more than one line
•  JavaParsers: Now ignoring empty ClassPath entries (produced an invalid folder entry in ClassPath explorer)
v1.0.3 (June 07, 2007)
•  Now fully handling the three Log4j date formatters "ISO8601", "DATE", and "ABSOLUTE" (delta-t can now be processed with such dates, between two entries or between an entry and the current time)

•  Log4j parser creation wizard: Don't try to parse file sample when it contains no relevant text (caused annoying warning messages)
•  Log4j parser: Fixed an "IllegalArgumentException" when loading file with a Log4j pattern containing "%d{ISO8601}" or other L4j date formatters
v1.0.2 (May 31, 2007)
•  AutoRefresh: at AutoRefresh startup, if file format not detected yet, now brings up a dialog box that informs user he has to reload file before (instead of an AutoRefresh in an 'error' state)
•  "Open file" dialog now opens in "samples/" directory if no previous file opened

•  AutoRefresh: entries limit for display was always ON even if OFF in UI
•  AutoRefresh: when file was flushed after AutoRefresh stopped, AutoRefresh couldn't restart in some cases
v1.0.1 (May 30, 2007)
•  AutoRefresh: now displaying number of days and hours in time elapsed since last modification
•  AutoRefresh: now displaying time elapsed since last modification at AutoRefresh startup
•  All popup menus can now be closed with ESC key
•  Startup scripts: variable LOGMX_ADDITIONAL_CLASSPATH added for additionnal parser jars (see forum topic)
•  License file: commercial use of evaluation version now allowed

•  Don't display "file is empty" warning after file flush
v1.0.0 (January 2005 ~ April 23, 2007)
First published version, after two years of development and internal tests.
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